BREAKING. Impeachment imeanza na nugu imelalia tu maskio.

[SIZE=5]@Kahuni Maisha labda jamaa amechoka na kazi na hajiskii.





shida tupu

Funga iyo suburb gorilla

Soon to become the first president to be impeached twice. Are you tired of winning yet? :smiley:



Na kufungwa



Trump was a joke of a president…Americans put a clown in Office.

And 254 want to put a thief in office…
For the second time…
Premium tears loading.

A Catholic chaplain prayed before the coup started and liberal atheists in the comment section are not happy or impressed.

This despite the current pope’s great dislike for President Trump and clear support for his removal.

The atheists are asking very angrily why she is praying. They don’t need her prayers.

Pelosi is busy shaking her buttocks akijaribu kutishia Trump

I am supporting the impeachment. He should be held accountable for his actions

I told you conspiracy theories zitakumaliza. Come back to the real world. Stop leaving in a fantasy world