Breaking: Cherera four suspended.

He was eagerly waiting to sack these four.

That’s not enough. They should be jailed for life and all their kin prevented from ever seeing them. They almost led the nation to war.

Which war? wewe ungepigana na nani? Nabii ni mavi mbele ya macho yangu. A real idiot. Instead of leading a nation, him and waziri wa mchele are busy dividing the nation and carrying out revenge acts.

Hawa watu nilisema wachinjwe live saa sita mchana pale Uhuru Park.

You must be a very slow person Mzee.

Weka breaking ingine ya “Former Ousted Kiambu Governor Waititu to chair Nairobi Rivers commission”

Am a baba supporter but hapa am backing JSKS because he won fairly. I said it kitambo sana that if the election is free and fair JSKS atachukua.

Azimio walishindwa kuiba uchaguzi watulie. Alafu mwenye ako na namba ya Cherera anipee niombe mkia juu sasa ako free.

Will you volunteer to do it?

Then another regime reinstates them.




Nikama unaota buana. After 10 years, nobody will be remebering them.

So you’re admitting walifanya makosa?

At this rate hata watatatufa Onyancha Sasa to head Kenya Prisons Authority

I agree with JSKS. Those 4 did not have solid case for dissent.

onyancha ule mkisii wetu mwenye alikuwa ananyonya watu damu na kuwadedisha?

Hata mimi ningefuta hao within first 10 days. There’s no other way to establish your rule. Lazima wapinzani wakae bahali yake.

Cheers apeane mkia atakua forgiven

I like you,haumiminyi maneno.Onyancha will be very happy if he saw your comment.Atleast someone still got him

Na bado. By the time the lion of Sugoi is done with his enemies, they will be wishing for death. But he will not give them that option.