BREAKING : Betting Paybills suspended

Blow to betting firms as Safaricom suspends M-Pesa paybill numbers, just try and see.

TOJ, sahii savvy investors inafaa wafungue rehab centres for betting addicts. Withdrawal symptoms zitatesa wengi.

Don’t worry guys, in a few years, we will be doing business in cryptocurrencies and the government will have ZERO control over it

No taxation issues you mean ?


I love this…peasants wawache kupea muhindi hard earned money…betting and gambling is meant for those who can afford to lose stake…si kama @jagger_snr analia lia hapa:D

NGC281RCCM Confirmed. Ksh20.00 sent to BETIN KENYA for account betin on 12/7/19 at 11:34 AM New M-PESA balance is Ksh1881.80. Transaction cost, Ksh3.00.

Sisi senior elders sportpesa tunatumiwa
Secret paybill no pale inbox.

Baba na mwana wanapigana :D:D:D

mtoto changu ni muguruki, nilikiambiaga kipitiage threads ndio kisifanye repost na hakisikii.
unayua admean ako leave hakuna kumerge threads siku hizi

Chuna yeye hizo mashavu zimetendeleza hivyo. :smiley:

alihama lakini bado haja oa, siumurushie kienyeji ya ocha tuone kaa nitapata mjukuu

Tunangoja kuona watu kama nyinyi na @gashwin kama maisha yenu itabadilika now that betting is temporarily banned. TOJ how now? Umepata thao mbili extra kwa account yako? GTFOH.

I hate to say it, watu kama nyinyi ndio huwa na wivu jirani akinunua gari. Ni ya loan, ata hajajenga etc.

I actually have your best interests at heart bro. In gambling it’s either you or the house wins. When gambling companies are earning up to 200 billion shillings a year, it means peasants are losing at least 200 billion shillings a year. A few like Abisai win 200 million to keep giving peasants hope, but 99.9% of gamblers lose.

So unaingilia wapi kwa decisions I make in my own free will, knowing I can lose a bet and my money. Where do you get the moral authority to say you need to use this money in Churh Tithes instead of Gambling??? Like ile ya matatu ya umoja imeandikwa hapo nyuma, FAGIA KWENYU!!!


Govt will not be able to shut down payment channels

And the way I was about to gleefully say bye bye Everton, we were glad you visited and we showed you Kario bangi styles…

You might be able to handle your gambling habits, but not everyone can. There are people who’re addicted to this vice, they want to stop but can’t. The only way to cure them is to make them go cold turkey, yank away their ability to engage in gambling. I know two guys in my neighborhood whose once-thriving businesses collapsed because they couldn’t stop betting. Jamaa anakula 5k leo, anapoteza 20k over the next 2 weeks. One had a butchery and immediately a customer bought meat, he’d rush to an MPESA shop nearby to deposit the money so he could bet. Ukimuuliza mbona tu asiwache, he looks at you helplessly. Imagine how many people are in that situation all over the country. The billions that could be used to grow the economy are instead being channelled to richer countries.

And you with all your wisdom thinks gava is stopping two companies because of addiction? It’s time for all gamblers to move to odi bets and Ile ingine ya mtoto wa nyachae. Sportpesa and betin have no political backing