Breaking: Apple considering to move to another sweatshop country e.g India.

@Kennedy Maina nilikuambia sweat shops ni mingi mwache kuringa. Even Kenya can be a sweatshop.

Before there was ‘Made in China’ there was ‘Made in Taiwan’.

That’s how China became big. Taiwan America’s buddy pushed some of it’s business to their starving communist brothers in the mainland.

Foxxcon the Taiwanese middleman is already looking for new production lines for the mzungu boss including in Wisconsin.

@Kennedy Maina, Njau notice the key word in this article : INDIA!!

[SIZE=7]Apple’s U.S. iPhones Can All Be Made Outside of China If Needed[/SIZE]
Debby Wu
June 11, 2019, 10:24 AM GMT+3Updated on June 11, 2019, 10:39 PM GMT+3
[li]Main assembler Foxconn says it’s got enough non-China capacity[/li][li]Apple has so far not asked its Taiwanese partner to shift gear[/li][/ul]

[SIZE=6]In this article[/SIZE]


Apple Inc. has a backup plan if the U.S.-China trade war gets out of hand.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company’s primary manufacturing partner has enough capacity to make all iPhones bound for the U.S. outside of China if necessary, according to a senior executive at Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. The Taiwanese contract manufacturer now makes most of the smartphones in the Chinese mainland.

China is a crucial cog in Apple’s business, the origin of most of its iPhones and iPads as well as its largest international market. But President Donald Trump has threatened Beijing with new tariffs on about $300 billion worth of Chinese goods, an act that would escalate tensions dramatically while levying a punitive tax on Apple’s most profitable product.

Wedbush Securities’ Dan Ives discusses the impact of China-U.S. trade tensions on Apple Inc.’s supply chain.
Source: Bloomberg)

Hon Hai, known also as Foxconn, is the American giant’s most important manufacturing partner. It will fully support Apple if it needs to adjust its production as the U.S.-Chinese trade spat gets grimmer and more unpredictable, board nominee and semiconductor division chief Young Liu told an investor briefing in Taipei on Tuesday.

“Twenty-five percent of our production capacity is outside of China and we can help Apple respond to its needs in the U.S. market,” said Liu, adding that investments are now being made in India for Apple. “We have enough capacity to meet Apple’s demand.”

Apple shares were up more than 1% to $194.99 in New York on Tuesday.

Read more: Foxconn Names iPhone Czar, CFO to Terry Gou’s Inner Circle

Apple has not given Hon Hai instructions to move production out of China, but it is capable of moving lines elsewhere according to customers’ needs, Liu added. The company will respond swiftly and rely on localized manufacturing in response to the trade war, just as it foresaw the need to build a base in the U.S. state of Wisconsin two years ago, he said.

The U.S. market accounts for one in every four iPhones sold worldwide, “so it represents a huge portion of Foxconn’s manufacturing business inside China,” Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston said.
Foxconn would need at least one or two big factories outside China dedicated to serving Apple’s U.S. requirements, Mawston estimated. If Foxconn freed up non-China production capacity for iPhones, other smartphone clients could find their orders temporarily delayed or sidelined in the short-term, he added.
Foxconn could shift some overseas work back to China to compensate. But without that, some of its Chinese factories may be idled.
And it’s not just about the simple assembly of finished goods. The trade war has disrupted a complex global supply chain involving many countries beyond just China and the U.S. Many components that go into devices aren’t made in the U.S., despite being designed there. A phone chip designed by Apple may come out of a factory in Taiwan, then be packaged (a process that prepares it for integration into a circuit) somewhere else, before being shipped to China for assembly into an iPhone.
“It would be relatively easy to shift final assembly of the iPhone outside China, but moving to full production of the components and the whole handset would be much tougher,” Mawston said.
It’s unclear if India will ever become a major production base for Apple’s marquee device. Foxconn is now running quality tests for the iPhone Xr series there and plans to begin mass production at a facility in the suburbs of Chennai. Older models are already assembled at a Wistron plant in Bangalore.
Foxconn has also agreed to build a 13,000-worker facility in Wisconsin in exchange for more than $4.5 billion in government incentives. But that project has since come under criticism for low-paying jobs, sudden dismissals and ever-changing goals. On Tuesday, executives reaffirmed that employment goal, saying construction remained on schedule and that it will hire as many as 2,000 Americans by the end of 2020.
It will also start making networking and server products for the U.S. market by the end of next year, on top of LCDs starting next year, Liu said.
— With assistance by Samson Ellis, and Ian King
(Updates with estimate of size of U.S. iPhone market in eighth paragraph.)

Wewe kijana mujinga kumbe bado uko?

Just as well. Wengine pia hawalali.

Huawei’s Requesting Developers to Publish Apps on Their AppGallery
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Yesterday at 10:29 PM

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Tencent, Xiaomi And Oppo Testing Huawei’s ‘60% Faster’ Android OS
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Yesterday at 8:31 PM

Hio kitu mnaita Hong Meng O.S I read recently is not even a Huawei original bwana!!

Hong Meng is from AOSP Android Open Source Project run by Google.

Basically ni kama kuhama Windows halafu utumie Linux which is just another western product.

Is it really that hard for someone outside the U.S to build an actual O.S? Bila kutumia Western technology.

Huawei wamehama Android wakaenda open source Android owned by the same Google!!

Apple was already considering moving its main factories to Vietnam as well. That was Foxconn’s aim
China will see a massive reversal in the Electronics boom that took place since 2000.

It just shows to make profits manufacturing will never go back to the USA!!pia wakienda India they will still be shafted proper.and china will continue to make fake iPhones.

Android is open source. Jifunze maana ya hio.
Huawei OS is developed in-house and will support every android app.
On top of that, it will be approximately 60% faster.

Wewe shinda hapo ukiuliza kama lazima watumie western technology. You will keep asking that until your grandchildren arrive.

Kama nikurudisha tech, the west should first stop using gun powder and return it to China.

Will moving it to India make it cheaper?
If not. Their downward spiral is intact.

More powerful phones are been made by other manufacturers, at half the cost.

He is just bitter just like his host but atapona Tu with time.

Your dreams are valid.

Mimi natamani wakosane hadi na hao India, Taiwan e.t.c ndio watuletee hizo sweatshop huku atleast pia sisi tuendelee. God knows sweat shops are better than hizi kazi kwa vijana invisible.

Just because it can support an android app does not mean it will work.
Whatsapp GB works on all Android phones but Whatsapp is banning users who use it.
Given that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are Facebook products for example, their use on a Huawei device will be a violation of their Terms and Conditions and will get you either limited or banned.
That will apply to all American apps so even if you sideload it, the moment the company detects you are using Huawei’s platform, they will suspend your account.

Do u even know what’s a sweatshop?it’s modern day slavery.

My dreams are fulfilled
Apple supplier seeks to escape trade war fallout with shift out of China - Nikkei Asia

Since China is Apple’s most important international market, an escalation will see it badly hurt. It will continue making losses. In India it will get cheap labour but what about sales? The Apple does not perform well there

They will lose out on a 3b Chinese market value.

India will benefit most from the rivalry between china and the US.

saa skia maongo tena… ati android is not owned by Google.

Wewe hata sitakuwa nakuongelesha sasa. You’ve become too much with your twisting of obvious facts.

Juzi ukadanganya live live ati HiSilicon design and make their own chips. A straight up lie.

Juzi ukadharau India. Ati China is ahead of India in everything military wise… which is a complete lie. You even dharaud India’s nuclear arsenal.

Tena leo ati android sio ya Google…

Ni sawa lakini. Nakuelewa Maina. :D:D

An unemployed youth graduate and overtaxed low income earners in Kenya is already modern day slavery, I’m sure those tech sweatshops are no worse than the EPZs in Kenya. Those “tech sweatshops” have really contributed to China’s technological advancement, the skills they acquired is what has enabled them to make counterfeit electronics e.t.c wakati we can’t even make bicycles here.

Na hio mbo ya Hong meng being 60% faster si hio ni gutter press stories. Ile ya kutisha. Kushtua. Saaa!! :D:D

Nani hata ameona hio Hong Meng? Hio ni uban legend. Watasema they will release in September… tena ikuwe December… in the hope Trump loses the election and someone soft replaces him. It’s a waiting game.

China is waiting Trump out. Ole wao akishinda…

Let me see the first Kenyan to abandon whatsapp and facebook. Theodore najua unaona hii thread chini ya maji and preparing your official statement. :D:D

Theodore will you also abandon Xenforo?!