BREAKING :Alarm raised as Special Branch resurfaces in Nairobi.

Governor MikeSonko raises alarm over monitoring of his private home by Special Branch. " If you want my life, come for it…everyone will die, even you" [ATTACH=full]242796[/ATTACH]

:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: sishikanishi enne hapa…

Ku take out Sonko ni ngumu,analia kwa nguvu while shouting his assailants name.

Sasa mkubwa wa special branch will have off that mission if at all there was such a plan

huyu mtu ako na sources kwa intelligence…money definitely buys you everything

Plays to the public gallery

sonko is stupid if he thinks they are targeting to nyuria him in that manner. kwani he still watches tahamaki. he knows they want info on him and analia kama mwanamke kwa public gallery seeking public sympathy as a diversionary tactic.

it’s the second time he’s crying of this issue on his private residence … he should ask konyagi and mashamba to help him … they’re his friends

If they wanted to eliminate this ghasia they would have done it kitambo. Am sure it’s Uhunye who is blocking his assassination …otherwise najua many Kiambu mafia have approached Uhunye to give them a go ahead but anasema wachaneni tuu nayeye ni chokora

Surveillance by intelligence aren’t always undercover, at time the intelligence personnel pitch camp outside your door, and let you know that their are watching you.
Just to mess you up, and it seems they have achieved their objective. Just make Sonko uncomfortable, and when asked laugh it of.

Special Branch ndio meffi gani. Kenya Police, NSIS are all useless illiterate D - (Minus) material employed on the basis of tribe and connections that can’t investigate shit. Just a waste of public funds.

wapi drone @digi ? habari nusu nusu

mwnamke analianga aje mkubwa?

If someone want to hit him,he will not know it,I think as usual @digi is spreading unconfirmed stories

Huyu kumua ni simple plan an accident kaput atuondolee ujinga. KIVISI NO KIVISI.

A stupid brat who is terrified by the darkness and shadows!

Mkamba wa ocha Sonko anacheki drones that belong to rich kids in upper hill wakicheza nayo na juu hana akili anafikiri ni yeye anatukuwa targeted 4 an assassination .

Fala ameona too many movies .

Na ninajua uko hapa Ktalk wewe Sonko. Hio ni ukweli nimekushow. Toast mayai wewe. Haunanga akili.

@Panyaste mmepewa empowerment na bado unalia sana.

Endeleeni kusema sonko ni mjinga. This guy sio mara yake ya kwanza kusema Kifisho anataka kumnyuria. And it is very evident since Kirubi’s son exited City Hole. Sonko most likely gets info from the inner circle of Interior Min. Remember he was in that list of the pple who outed Saitonyi coz of the gold and pharmaceutical trade, so he likely knows their real modus operandi.
By him exposing their plans, makes the planners go back to the drawing board. Our gov is not being paranoid. These satanists at Halabee House want to take his seat by hook or crook.
If I were him now, ata maji ya kunywa najichotea, najichemshia, nacool, nakunywa. Ata meetings nahold the place of my own choice. Polonium sio mchezo nanii…:D:D

@digi umeweza hapo