Breakdown Business

hawa watu wa breakdown kando na kutafuna muguka na kukojoa kwa fence ni nini ingine huwa wanafanya. Assume we have 1 accident a week and there qre 10 vehicles competing for the same incident

Breakdown na traffic police ni kama mkate na BB.

Tafakari hayo.

Watakojolea fence sana.

ati one accident a week. My friend, in a town like Mombasa, anytime an officer (both kanjo and traffic) signals a driver to stop and in the event the driver runs away especially those ‘squad drivers,’ the breakdowns are called. Most drivers without the requisite documents, and even if they do, they do not want to be taken to Jela Ndogo minimum security prison after their sentencing, so they bolt and leave the matatus/tuktuks/motor bikes. Wel,l the officer, normally call their ‘own’ breakdowns to tow such vehicles at owner’s cost. The minimum towing fee is SH 3500 even if its a meter to the police station, with an upwards of sh 8000 ivi ukiendelea. Sasa umenielewa vile izo landrover mzee hutengeza pesa?

by the way hiyo charge ya breakdown mtu hulipa hapo tu kwa police station ndio gari itoke

No, each breakdown wako na office yao and since they are civilians they are not inside the station, the arresting officer will give you their phone numbers uwatafte, after payment you are issued with a receipt which you take back to the station. If umeshikwa na breakdown ya kanjo, they tow it to their yard and their offices are just there, you pay hapo.

Btw AA na hizi breakdown gani huwa cheaper?

Most are in fact owned by traffic cops. Ici ni mbeca my fren !

kama ni za traffic hiyo inaeleweka oterwise civilian sioni hapo pesa

Kuna jamaa alikuwa nazo hadi ile lorry 4wd tao I had rented an office next to his down town. Mnasema breakdown hazina kazi nashangaa. Kwanza usiku na weekends recovery zilikuwa ju saidi machana nayo nikukimbizana na matatu. They used to work in shifts

8k by the time it si broken down you may end up with how much? remember the cop is still on the share and you don’t get that 8k daily

That is only one towed vehicle, the cop’s share is not more than 1/2k depending on the distance.

AA is one off

Not really, kuna a senior officer from the alpha Papa group who bought most of the bonded landrovers, some years ago.

mm nliambuwa na polisi moja ako na breakdown tatu around thika road na ako iyo area so akipata accident imehappen anaita maboyz wake wakam…

What alot of people don’t know is that if you are an AA member and you get into trouble, don’t be surprised to be recovered by one of these land rovers.

The AA and other rescue companies use these idle looking land rovers on sub contractor basis especially for shitty jobs they couldn’t be bothered to do themselves.

Civilian ni employee wa cop.

Naona umekula mashida ya ma investor mombasa kushinda ukiendea gari makupa police