Break up

Just decided to break up with my Psychotic girl friend

Alifanya nini?? Wacha kuweka story nusu nusus…pia picha usisahau

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Not the best time, I prefer breaking up towards the end of the cold season,

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bila picha hiyo ni hekaya

Incomplete hekaya. This is not facebook.:mad::mad::mad::mad:

weka thermal imagery…

Pole bro welcome to freelance

en its like we care, u didn’t inform us wen u too hooked up, wanaume na mafeelings siku izi I bet uv been watching soap operas with her en she realized Shes in a rlshp with another woman in a mans body,if ur done with her nipe contacts

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hehe buda…are you still suffering from your breakup?and did you buy the clothes?

Pole. hope you won’t cry yourself to sleep like you know who na sijataja mtu yeyote hapa.


BTW, ile story yako iliendaje? I felt for you man.

they are all psychotic,only difference is the degree of their psychosis



Hehe bro pulled thru by the grace of the most high slowly turning another page in my life

:):):). All is well that ends well.


dranya is a sheng word for a girl, thot u shld know

Dont worry bro…thats just the way it goes…one thing ive come to appreciate is that time heals all is just that way.

Hope you will not jump into another relationship to fill the hole she has left. And don’t entertain her at all coz if you hook up again there are only two things she will be looking for, marriage or to hurt you. Either way, you are screwed.