Break the Ice with Ice cream

It was just yesterday when I was in my usual stage ya Kenya Mpya, nowadays it is hectic to get a bus plying the Thika road route. I decided to chill and lean on the walls of the closed shops and wait as a civilized person for my turn to board the bus- my way of protecting my phone and other valuables.

This short yellow-yellow chic, joined me to the right and started interacting with her phone. I looked at her and noticed that she was the social type. What came into my mind was this question: how do I break the Ice? I was tired so I decided to let it go, kesho pia ni siku. My way of developing self-control to avoid acting needy.

Out from nowhere a guy ( in an overall) appeared with a tin of ice cream- I thought ni makanga wa kenya mpya ju nimeona njaro zao. He invited her to join him, at first she hesitated but eventually she gave in, in the end, they were sharing the spoon.

Looking at the facial expression of a Buda in front of me, who was also witnessing the turn of event, it suggested that the girl appeared cheap. I laughed inside and left the scene, didn’t want the jealous side of me to take over.

Lesson to learn: When you have something to share use it to start a conversation.

[SIZE=5]What’s your take on this?[/SIZE]

I stopped “approaching”. Nowadays I just start yapping and if it builds up, sawa. If it doesn’t, in the words of Jay Zed, “on to the next on on to the next one…”

dem anakubali icecream ya mturandom ni dem hajakula miezi sita ama ni saitan

labda wanajuana somehow. sharing spoon?

Paipu nikiambia dem niko na maji kwa nyumba, panty inaanguka hapo hapo

Always talk to a lady…mimi hujifanya niko mpya kwa hio route

tunajua wewe ni dem

Ndio maana msito kalcha alichorea kulipia ile maku ya umo. Hiyo doe alisave akaenda kubuy mitungi za maji ndio apate maku zingine… :smiley:

Hii Nairobi if a random woman approaches me I freak out and contemplate what kind of ploy am being pulled into. So can imagine venye msichana anaeza think ukim approach out of nowhere in the streets… Maybe kama mumeshakaa kwa mat.

kwa mat, fungua text editor ya simu…type lovely nails…and then pass your phone to the prey. Aki smile, bait iko ndaaaani. Thank me later

Utaibiwa nagos

Ofcos kama uko ndani ya 19/60 :D:D


strangers will always be stramgers hii nyairofi. Unaeza umia sana.

Men still fearing rejection [ATTACH=full]143634[/ATTACH]
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From the way the guy started the conversation, they were total strangers.



Just start a random convo, where I am from kuna alot of sneaky assholes so sometimes I keep to myself but if the lady looks inviting na hajacross mikono kwa chest kama some KDF offficer, I usually use the jam to break the ice. It works. Then I check my watch all the time to look ‘busy’ apo anajua mujamaa ako wira

Lucky you, you have passed that stage. You can be a better citizen if you share your Alpha male secrets and PUA skills.