Bravest or dumbest thing by Magufuli

TZ opens … . Business as usual[MEDIA=twitter]1264838615781310465[/MEDIA]


Magofool has been right all along…otherwise why are countries reopening despite their cases going up…this thing is here to stay.

Niko nyuma ya musito Rais Dkt John Pombe Maghufuli. Hii corona, curfew, na lockdowns ni upuzi wa hali ya juu.

For the US, their lockdown helped slow it down and in that period they have manufactured over 100,000 more ventilators. Masks in the hundreds of millions and PPEs too. They’ve increased hospital capacity so they can now start opening up.

What has Tanzania, or in that case Kenya done with its lockdown?

Magufuli anamaono ya mbali kwa sisi waafrika

They have looted