BRAND NEW Air France Jet Crashes During Demo Flight


On Tuesday, June 26, 1998 an Airbus A320 crashed in southern France, with at least 150 people onboard.

Umechanganya story mbili which are thirty one years apart.
There is big contention over this particular forest crash. Flight AF296Q crashed on initial climb on June 26th 1988,not 1998 at Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport .
Newly delivered Airbus A320-111 registered F-GFKC was performing a series of air charters with passengers on behalf of the Mulhouse flying club during a demo flight.It had only clocked 22hrs of flight
A woman and two children one of whom was physically handicapped, died in the fire that ensued. There were 6 crew and 130 pax in total
A lot of factors led to the crash ,very low flyover height, lower than surrounding obstacles, with low speed not enough to reach maximum possible angle of attack,engine speed at flight idle,watu ya jalopy stick shift kama mimi wanaiita neutral,and late application of go-around power,kama umepanda ndege you can attest to the g force here.The altitude of 100 feet was not allowed according to regulations. French air safety regulates minimum height of 170 feet.


The charts these guys were given did not show that there was a forest anywhere in the vicinity of the airport. Second, there was a last minute change in flight direction, as the runway they were expected to overfly wasn’t where the spectators were congregated.

But it still does not answer the question why the plane went below the altitude set of 100ft. Even without the accurate charts, the plane should have stayed out of trouble if it did not descend below the minimum descent altitude. Captain believes and mantains AF and Airbus concealed and covered up a flaw in the A320s autopilot. The guy lost his licence and never flew again.

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