Brace yourselves for higher electricity bill: delayed projects

I talked of jubilee being wasteful, this is what I meant:

Turkana Wind Power project to charge electricity consumers Sh5.7 billion from next May as penalty for government’s failure to build a transmission line to the wind farm.


The problem was the opportunists on the wayleave.The government identifies idle land for the transmission lines,Some people with manyattas move to the idle land and start asking for compensation

@spear why is Ketraco delaying the transmission lines?

At the end of the day we will end up paying for the poor decision someone made . Some of these people responsible should be held to books lakini they are hovering around free like nothing happened and yet e are paying for their mistakes

This is one project where shit happened and it was beyond gova.

  1. The transmission line from Loiyangalani to Suswa was funded by the spanish government, and you guessed it, they insisted a spanish contractor build it
  2. Kama kawaida kenya watu wakasumbua serious na wayleave
    3.Isolux a spanish contractor bags the deal, they soon go bankrupt, going down even with sub contractor money
  3. Now government has to find a way to pay subcontractors, get a new contractor and agree with spain how much of this mzigo they will carry (hapa ndipo tuko)
    I think gova. should get an abitrator to negotiate with lake turkana wind power wapunguze hizo penalties
    Get china man to complete that line ASAP

Remember the other power project…Kinangop wind power and the mess those fools (Land manenos) put 254 in?
And the problem is that the Constitution allows them to deep screw other Kenyans! And we can do nada!

And if the gava forces those fellas out of that land, unaskia these same people wakisema oh, the gava is forcefully evicting legal owners from their land…

agreed…china man haraka upesi

confused gvt. Too much ambition… but I guess it’s theft masquerading as projects. And the rising tide will always lift a few boats in this country

did you mean some tribe$??

They should have given that transmission line to Kalpataru…Remember how they built a clean 400kv Rabai-Isinya line? The Chinese too can work smart despite their low wages for local technicians…

na muspanish na walioshawishi apewe kazi wangekulia wapi

Asante sana. Answered in affirmative. Sorry the bearer of bad news is disappointed with the truth. Sorry it’s not government fault. It a combination of citizens greed and contractor bankruptcy. That said Ministry of Energy is in arbitration with the LTWP to push further the production date as well as talking to their financiers so that no charges are accrued before then. That said I hope this is the last wind power project. Its expensive and unreliable. Let developed countries do them. Let’s concentrate on geothermal, hydro, nuclear and coal.

Not necessarily because it was all of them ,whether it was the Rendille,Samburu, Njemps or Tugen.The entire pathway had issues!!However, the claims were fewest in Marsabit

so since its not the government fault we as wananchi have to bear the burden because it was our fault?

Hapo kwa compensation ndio kitunguu na chai ya consultant iko, ama namna gani

You are not getting it my friend.
Your post alluded to some govt failures which is not true. You talked of Jubilee being wasteful…this is not the case.
Have u ever heard of force majeure in project implementation? Where is blame apportioned in case of unforseen eventuality?
I know this particular project perfectly well and @shocks has stated perfectly what caused all these delays.

I like the way they do it in Ethiopia.

The disappointment is too much:D:D:D:D it was the same problem on the Suswa-Nairobi-Mombasa 400KVA high voltage transmission line. Maasai built temporary manyattas on the route and claimed a million each as compensation. It stopped that project for years until finally CS Keter brokered a settlement. Now we have the first such line in the region able to transmit over 2000MW from Olkaria geothermal to Nairobi and Mombasa.