Brace Yourselves For A Matiang'i Presidency With Martha Karua As DP

Uhuru ni mlevi, Ruto ni mwizi, Raila ni fala, Gideon ni mjinga. Three of these are from Parasitic families while the Ruto is a career thief. Kenya needs someone who will deal ruthlessly with law breakers, and that someone is Dr. Fred Matiang’i. Now some people will say that he will be compromised by those who will propell him to the thrown and that he will keep their interests under his wing. But to me Matiang’i is Maghufuli or Michuki type of dude. a NO NONSENSE dude obsessed with archiving his goals no matter the obstacles ahead.

He streamlined the communications sector, Stopped Exams theft. We want such a guy. We need 54 such bulldozers in Africa uone Africa ikikuwa Middle income continent.


Probably in 20 zate two.


leta summary

Matiang’i brought in reforms but trust you me no one will vote for him even his family members. By doing the reforms he was stepping on too many toes other reforms were doing more harm than good.

I read on the neshen paper a while back he was transferred from lands to education for his own safety . Land cartels could have finished him

A Matiang’i & Karua Combination would make Kenya the Japan of Africa. Watu wanyoroshwe wamee akili

Problem is that Marza ni kichwa ngumu. Hawataelewana and sooner or later the Omogaka would fire her.

Not really, principled people disagree on policy and not personal interests

Siasa huwa dynamic. Kesho Rais atakuwa kwa mazishi ingine na mtakuja hapa msene, prepare for a Kalonzo presidency with whoever as the running mate…wacheni kuwa shallow.

What Raila has worked for all his life, atawachilia kweli ichukuliwe na wakisii?

Elders mko shallow sana, wachaneni na siasa.

Mimi msimamo wangu ni dhabiti. Arror hadi mwisho, akiingia opposition tunaingia na yeye huko.

Uhuru’s words are meaningless. Yeye husema ivi, anafanya vile. Kama mnaamini mameno yake nyinyi ni watu simple, sitawahurumia

Cartels kenya ni noma bana. Hata Sonko alishindwa kuwamaliza pale City Hall akaona akae tu nao.

Niaje sani … In the same breath, why should Raia Mkuu let it be taken by kalenjin

Raia Mkuu na Kalenjin ni ex lovers. Wanaweza rudiana. Raia mkuu anajua capabilities za mkal3njin. They will compete as equals.

Confidently incorrect you are.

Now in this dream of yours what role will raila play?

Huyu Martha mnaongelea ni yule alikuwa anamisbehave when Kenya needed her the most pale 2008.

In short, hana goals so the so called king makes will have thrown him away? Or they already have???

Anyway, I think, one way he would easily become President is by riding a popular vote. Is he?
He is a civil servant. Not a career politician. And do you really think the devislsome (Uhuruto, Rao, Lonzo, Musalia, Moi) would allow him?


I’d vote for them…ata ka nashuku Matiang’i amegeuka mwizi

Man why’d you write like that, just asking. Like you in your mother tongue

Miguna Miguna: Hold my beer