Boycotted Parliament?

Wangeketi wapi?


Let them never attend any session na wasifanye technical appearances juu ya payslips !


What of judiciary? Sikuwaona pia.

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They are not willing to participate in the general elections,

This time round they were a little bit mature. Sio kuja kupiga kelele zao Parliament.


Apo uko pekee yako… Sirkal lazima talipa

Hiyo mchezo yao ,mwanainchi is the loser and they know it .Suppose they want to remove the iebc commissioners ?will they not only do it in parliaments. Defiance and foolish truancy must end period !


Their boycott indicates where their allegiance lies!


The judiciary was between a Hard Rock and a very tight place… But in not attending made look more worse. The three levels of government should at most seem to respect each other.


Spot on!!! He has failed to disengage his personal opinions from the institution he represents!


Maraga will end up resigning, he did a stupid thing to nullify that election for reasons that don’t meet the threshold. That sit will be so uncomfortable for him, I am sure even judiciary itself is more divided than ever. Even in the unlikely scenario raila wins the coming election, both houses will still be controlled by jubilee. And if uhuru wins, he will make sure he gives Maraga a difficult time heading the judiciary

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My fren Maraga hana makosa, yule mtu wa kujikuna huko nyuma hakufanya homework vizuri, alichagua lawyers bandia.

When watu wengine wanangojea results za supreme court yeye alikuwa amepeleka gachungwa wake Margaret kuona elephant national park. Ilibidi atafute mzinga when he got the news.

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Maraga did nothing wrong,the supreme court judges are supposed to give a vote on an issue and it was a clear 4 again 2,Maraga communicated what the supreme court’s voice/decision regarding the case was, IEBC blatantly ignored a lot of recommendations by the judiciary-e.g. tendering of ballot boxes etc and they had to pay for it,you cannot violate the constitution and turn rogue like that.
sometimes i wonder why talkers refuse to reason properly in spite of their education,