BOYCOTT NAIROBI WOMEN'S HOSPITAL :Holding a needy child's body for more than 4 months is disgusting.

Big up Jalango for paying the 1 million so that her family could sleep well.

I am looking into drafting a will stating clearly if I, the MadPhilosopher die and my body is held for any sum above 100k the hospital should keep it and do whatever they want with it. If they so wish they can use it to model plastic dildos so they can ferk themselves with it, Ngombe wao.[ATTACH=full]147334[/ATTACH]

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Just sad! How many more families are being held on ransom by these hospitals? What can be done?

You know sometimes we Kenyans like to complain very selfishly. Some people have been known to dump sick relatives in hospitals and then disappear completely. They won’t even bother to talk to the hospital folk and come to some sort of arrangement… ni ku dump na kuhepa.

So, people shouldn’t pay to have bodies released? Do you by any chance belong to that socialist outfit that runs under the tag Resist Movement?

Huyo mtu angepona, mngelipa?

What were the circumstances leading to the patient going to hospital? Was it for instance a car accident due to reckless driving? Who would you blame in such a circumstance, the hospital or the reckless driver?

Unless all the facts are on the table you can’t just blame one party i.e. the hospital.

Baba should see this#resist Nairobi hospital.

As much you feel sorry for the deceased child, a hospital needs money to run. They must buy equipment, drugs, pay water/electricity bills, pay their workers otherwise you’re the same person who will be complaining that the hospitals are in a shitty state.

Outspan hospital pia si mchezo

We need insurance, hio ndio shida!
In Kenya we don’t want that. Let the sick get treatment then the question of the bills will be pursued. If the hospitals refuse to release the body I think it’s their right. Hospitals cost a fortune to run as @Luther12 can attest and money doesn’t grow on trees.
I feel the sting of tears whenever I see this video. God bless Monique Koumate and her dead twins.

They should pay so that others can be helped. And this also applies to those with helb loan

We experience this all the time. One particularly sad case came up recently, the old man had been discharged but theee was no one from his family coming to take him home. Very sad.

Improve public healthcare.