Boycott Hawa NASA Hooligans

Today, one Simba Arati said that a well wisher will sponsor demonstrators by way of 20K loaves of bread and soda/water. I saw one demonstrator on citizen tv bragging how she sells her wares on Toi market and then proceeds to go cheer and lead death and destruction in town. Why can’t we cut our business relationships with these kinds of people? I will boycott everything from these rioters.

I had a contractor who told me at the last minute that he couldn’t avail labour and equipment jana. He chose to take his crew to reforms demonstrations. I had to look for someone 20% more expensive. Kazi imefenywa, I learnt my lesson.

It is their democratic right to protest.

You and who?, Are you even at the position to cut business relationship?,

Unatweng mpaka Swa? :smiley:

Uhuru will not beat RAO in LUO-Nyanza but, he will get more votes than he did on the 8th. Not all LUO’s are hooligans. It is just that the hooligans are the loudest. I have a few NASArite friends who hate what RAO is evolving into

Gui ni gui tu.

The right, however,ends if it interferes with the rights of other people. If they do it in a civilised manner hakuna mtu ana shida na mwingine

You one in a million. We’ll get tenders to supply those loaves, and during the lunch hour we’ll be there to feed after walking naked