Boycott Census And Become a Guest of The State

Kenyans who boycott the upcoming census or willfully fails to give any information or particulars as required under the law commits an offence and consequently risk a one-year jail term or a fine of Sh100,000 or both.

Government offlet is straining alot to get info from its citizens, they are always using force

Kama niliboycott Hujuma nyamba, hata hii na mancott tuuu

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They don’t have to use coercion

I’ll be sipping somewhere kwa rooftop …

Watumie huduma namba ama line yangu ya safaricom. What do they want to know about me and the have my documents. Wakienda CRB bado watanipata.

I’ll be sipping somewhere kwa rooftop …

Hainisaidii. I won’t stop doing what i do coz of non issues.

So sad, imefika wakati a section of government thinks communicating to citizens involves threats and arrogance.

However this census is a good excise, above board, consulted widely and great planning took place to conduct it successfully. Cooperate and be part of it. Be counted.

Kama kawaida ntakuwa pale local wakuje wanihesabie nikiwa huko

great planning in kenya??? punguza bangi msee

I’ll be sipping somewhere kwa rooftop …

many people are rightly seeing how we’re constantly being threatened. that’s the problem of hiring a pedigree to do the job of the masses.

Nah ! ! ! I don’t see no threats here, you guys are just reminded of your constitutional obligations, failures to which you can end up with a jail term or a costly fine.
You have an obligation to be counted.

Wako na jela ya 10 million?

Bar zinafungwa for 48 hours

we boycotted huduma number nothing happened. we will boycott Census nothing will happen. Watavunja gate waingie by force?

Ambiguous. If they force people to ‘talk’ then they will get a lot of wrong information. Threats never work.

But some questions siwezi jibu. Especially anything to do with assets. Hiyo wanatafutia KRA biashara.