There’s this ‘New Normal’ cause of death among Kenyan youth resulting from the use and misuse of sexual enhancement pills…

Why are young men of today ‘unsure’ of themselves?
Is it the high sexual demand from the Kenyan woman?
Have our ladies become too much to handle or is it peer pressure that young men want to prove their heroism of turning the honey pot inside out or the honey has been pushed too deep inside the pot for the young man’s reach?

Years back in Likoni, I had this friend. He was close a friend.

He was a pharmacist.
And he had a girlfriend who was also a friend.
(I’ve blocked someone who is related to one of them from reading this)

Bryan** used to tell me that each time before meeting with his girlfriend Rita**, he used to take a pill of the libido enhancers. One, he used to tell me, “Inafanya mdeki inakuwa kubwa Sana alafu humwagi haraka, unagonga kitu mpaka anaitana!”
At this time, my mouth looked at him more than my eyes were surprised.
Because according to him, Rita was more demanding in the bedminton and pumping affairs. Like she constantly moaned for extra inches of Bryan but he, so I thought, was not well endowed by God.
“Huyu lazma nimkomeshe!” Was how he put it. He liked how he commanded his sexual stamina against her after a swallow of the pills. According to him, she fancied to be adequately bullied.

They broke up.
Bryan had become Father Abraham, he experimented with different ladies and Rita later confirmed that she was not the only one in his life, Bryo later got married and now with two kids.

Ten solid years later, today Rita hasn’t moved on. She’s been in triple dozen of affairs that haven’t worked out, she’s still a close friend of mine. I once dared to ask her why she hasn’t gotten married nor being in another relationship that lasted even a year, “Hao wanaume nimekuwa nao, most wako na pesa lakini hawanitoshelezi, hakuna mwenye amewahi fika penye Bryan alikuwa ananifikisha. Nataka mwanaume ako na pesa, nyumba na dick kubwa,” was her startling response.
I never wanted to disappoint by telling her to mould one for herself ju most of us that God blessed with BDks have little or no money at all, btw sijawai jua Kwa nini


In relation to the recent deaths on the bed, do we blame the girl child for demanding too many inches or the boychild is being too basic or the infiltration of the X-rated movies clouding our eyes?

#NB(** pseudos)

Bryan endelea kumeza blue pills to. Mutula was there so is his successor

Blue pills ni VPower ya Engine ya kufikisha threshold

Mimi siezi kunywa pill yoyote kabisaa. If I cum after 2 or 3 minutes thats it. Thats how its made. Iyo ingine ni pressure ya bure. Hizo shimo hazijai.

You really can’t please a woman

Tuesday jioni kuna kunguru ilini itia mechi nikamwaga in 2 minutes flat akanishow atapost hio story kwa status yake ya WhatsApp nikamshow I dont give a fuck,we move.

Hapo sawa @anon46421834

run away if it gets to a point you want to use Blue Pills. Don’t pleasure your way to death

Not worth it.
Here guys mix energy drinks hizi za finje finje with some powder from a shiny sachet that has a picture of a blue stallion embossed on it…unapata tu bodaboda tumechapa seti hapo stage wakikunywa hio combi in preparation.
Rumour has it a dude went hard on a notorious land whale mpaka she shot a douche in bed…jamaa anatembea kwa kijiji akijifurisha thorax kama stone cold steve austin juu ya hio risto.
Vijana wa siku hizi wamelost mbaya sana.

I think enough exercises with time can get anyone on that level without having to use drugs.

do a 7km walk 6 days a week…u will see wonders …improvement in a month

Boss, you can cum on your way home apan tambua blue pill!


Hmmmmmmm…really!!! I thought nikuchangia dame psyche na kumambush kinyama…as in its all in the mind…hakuna haja ya 7km runs…anyway end justifies the means.

tafuta your fellow mogoka chewing fake stories spewing bullshit spinning comrade @Bl3ze umpigie hizi fantasies . uncircumcised takataka

I don’t know about 7kms run but regular weight lifting and abit of cardio works as per my experience.

Sitting all day in an office for 5 days every week can really fuck your game.

Naona ushanusa mshuto ya finest swine after kutombwa mcoondoo na @Deepwater you are showing the sewage rat characters that you are.You are meffi in the entire kijiji’s eyes.You should feel privileged that the Enigma addresses you kumamako.

If she doesn’t cum, she can cum on her way home


There’s no worst feeling kwa mwanaume like chasing a new pussy & when u get a chance to lay your pipe, that day is when mjulus decide to go off without notice.