Boychild be careful - lanyes are getting innovative


One man’s meat is another’s poison. Itasaidia watu wa kutafuta maliar wa 200

Could you be speaking for yourself?

Nikunoma siku hizi. The ends justifies the means Kenya hii.

waniekeena hbado nyoka itarara ndani

dont go to night clubs its a waste of time and money.

cant imagine my dick not getting up before a steamy session!!!

and after spending money and time :D:D

Doesn’t make sense to me.
Wa kuekea mtu mchele ndio wamuibie is totally understandable, but these ones drug someone so as not to get fucked?
After spending hours in a pub also drinking?
Tell me another but this one am not boarding.

Avoid using a glass when drinking with a lanye. Tumia chupa pekee and place your hand on top of the bottle always.

Lakini why go through dealing with low class whores go to a proper joint like Bao Box and get a decent lady who can’t do such shit.Some of this struggles I’m to financially stable to understand

bana… ati mjulubeng imekataa kazi walai huyo kunguru naeza mtia vidole hadi asubuhi


:D:D:D The places you thrive in! Youd make a good auctioneer!

Vega 500 inakuja mbaya mbaya

Sometimes u want kobe beef and sometimes u are in the mood for bush meat.

uanlipa vitu bila kukula balaa

No pour no pay!! Hasara ni kwake…