Boy implicated in family murders was mentally ill and had reported his mother to the chief of bewitching him

Please people if your family members exhibit signs of mental illness have them committed to a psychiatric institution for your own protection.


There is a new twist in the investigation of the murder of 5 Kiambu family members killed in cold blood after their son was arrested and is being treated as the main suspect.

The son who the police identified as Lawrence Waruinge had gone missing since Tuesday when his parents, two brothers and a worker were brutally murdered at their home.

Waruinge, who is university student in the city, was initially thought to have gone to school but it was established he was not there.

Authorities traced his mobile phone signal to Naivasha and later to Thika and later to Kabete area.

Police said the suspect went to a relative’s home in Ngongoro area to seek refuge there before they were alerted Friday night after which he told police his parents were “satanic and cruel” to him.

In December 2020, he had gone to a chief’s office in their home and claimed his parents wanted to bewitch him.

According to police, his mother who is also dead came and picked him saying he had mental issues.

“The matter was never recorded because the mother came for him saying he was unwell,” said an officer aware of the probe.

The police initial investigation point that at least five people were involved in the murder of Nicholas Njoroge Waruinge, his wife Annie, sons Christian and Maxwell and a construction worker James Kinyanjui.

Their badly mutilated bodies were found in their Kiambaa home on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Further, it is believed a dispute over property was the motive of the murder.

According to the investigators, the absence of any form of forced entry or exit in the razor wire that surrounds the compound shows the killers were well known to the family.

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