boxer bajaj 150cc reviews - is it any good?

Considering a boxer bajaj 150cc. Does anyone have experience with it.

Views will be appreciated.

Want to ditch my car and buy it - for commuting from thika to Nairobi daily.

You are a fool and you will get cold related complications such pneumonia

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Why dont you use matatus? Kenya Mpya are safe and economical.


Calm down genius.

I have my own nyonga bishop. PNC

Wewe na zile kondoo za maasai hakuna tofauti


You are right. There’s no difference at all. :D:D

Hii ni kifo unawish

Meaning other riders are fools, and full of pneumonia? Punguza nyasore…

Wassup, Boxer is the bike to go for, Quite economical and very powerfull. gari niko na uwezo wa kununua lakini sitaki at the moment. I did about 430kms, Machakos- Kitui-mutomo-kibwezi-makindu-kyumvi-back to my place. The bike won’t dissapoint I tell yo’.

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They dont commute daily for long distances and also not early in the morning.

I’ve been using my bike since 2014, tha nigga need to get the right gear then he is ok to hit the road daily.

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Iko poa brathe…I use it nikiingia interior kupeleka supplies. BUT I think they are not that efficient on tarmac compared to murram roads. Upepo most na ukiepuka upepo vibration zitakumaliza.

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Finally a sober comment. Thank you sir for this sober response! Wondering whether I’m dealing with teenagers…

How long have you been riding for.

How much is the right gear bro. Was told a full body suit is 6500, gloves 500, helmet 4000, biker boots 3000

Good bike for city commuting. Very economical and a bit durable . Four speed not good for Highway use, not very stable when speeding. (my opinion)


Nunua Dayun ingine hapo inakaa sport. Aerodynamically optimized and a fat rear tyre.
Ama U buy Captain 175 …unabeba neighbor wawili kila asubuhi

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Gloves za 500 ni mchezo. Helmet ya 4,000 ni mchezo. Your helmet is a big ticket investment. Get a good one.
Then since you’re on the highway get the Dayun as advised by @A.G.
You want to be able to pull away from nutcase drivers.


[ATTACH=full]121247[/ATTACH] I like this.
Made in Kenya, 150cc,lakini bei ni kama ya third hand "slightly used "probox

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