Please let me explain the facts about the cervix and sex. This information is vital to any woman who has ever had sex!

The cervix is the lowest part of the womb. It projects down into the vagina, and it is easy to feel it with the tip of your finger. When you do that, it actually feels like you are touching the end of someone’s nose.

The position of the cervix means that it is often ‘hit’ by the end of the penis during sexual intercourse. And unfortunately, intercourse often transfers a dangerous little virus straight into the cervix.

The virus is called ‘Human Papilloma Virus’ or ‘HPV.’ There are various types of it, but two of them are particularly likely to cause cancer of the cervix. Usually, the cancer does not develop until 10 or 15 years later which is why most women who get this disease are usually over the age of 30.

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“Bottoming Out” , hitting the Spot , Deep Drilling …or whatever term you prefer is a normal part of Intercourse …
And it should have no adverse side effects …

If your theory is correct , there would be a higher incidence of HPV among Hoes and Lesbians than the rest of the population …

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How about oral…

Throat Cancer

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has nothing to do with deep dicking. HPV affects lining of the vaginal walls (vaginal mucosa) and even labia causing warts. also causes penile cancer in men. types 16 and 18 cause cancer other types responsible for genital ulcers and warts.

the advice you should give instead is that all females who have started having sex to go for HPV vaccination

OK we got the 3 doctors: Medical, PhD, na Mganga. I am closely matched to the very latter:
The survey says that there are probably more than 200 variants of HPV, most of which prove benign, whilst two specific ones result in Cervical Cancer: HPV 16 and 18.
HPV is VERY common; for intance there are roughly 80 million ~1 in 5 people, but the body’s immune system will typically resolvve through auto correction, unless the immune system is compromized, or it’s a potentially deadly strain.
Probably far above 90% probability, Cervical Cancer caused by HPV 16 and 18.
=>Transmission is predominantly from skin to skin…such as during sex.
Typically 16 and 18 variants engaged mostly during vaginal and anal sex through skin contact, though ccorner cases might manifest say in the mid-throat area; think deepthroating bukkakes!
With HPV 16 and 18, cervical cancer can result, if the relevant epithilial cells within the cervix make contact.
PENILE Route: The female vagina will typically be, say 7 to 8 or 9 inches of penis before breaching the bottom of the cervix.
With MONSTER Partners, the prognosis might be worse as a statistical fact, granted, “skin to skin” tends to be highly culpable, with significant encroachment for and significant more skin-to-skin when the cervix is punched by, say a penis 8 inches or higher. is a “relatively higher” chance of developing cervical cancer
=>If additionally ytou have a Mandingo PENIS, the chances balloon even higher due to , amongst others, perhaps.
Overall in US:
80 MIllion or so migh have the infection
14 million new infections annually ,.

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Some types of HPV have been implicated in prostate cancer as well.

Best given to prepubescent girls and now, increasingly so, boys as well. Before they commence sexual activity.

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Gardicell ama?Thought thats for girls before age 15?

The vaccine also has alot alot of side effects and I think also encourages teenage sex,btw dint know boys could get the vaccine . Look for a documentary about side effects of vaccines, that shit can give a girl a neurological disorder and has even killed some girls, hawakufanya trials poa. That HPV vaccine is no good, wacha nitafute link, Its called Gardasil,also causes early menopause and is negligible in prevention of Cancers of the uterus

Religion and closed minds will be the death of us all! This is the same crap used to ban any kind of sex education in predominantly religious countries. Yet somehow, those are the countries with the highest rates of child/teen pregnancies, STIs and STDs, and even worse, child abuse.

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I’m at a loss as to how a simple vaccine, a medical product, could encourage teenage sex. May be in slow today.

There’s nothing like a 100% side-effect free drug, vaccines included. It may be true that they rushed the trials or concealed some info, but being biological products, side effects are expected. Even the simple flu vaccine that has been with is for ages has been implicated in some of these ADRs. I came across this one case on CNN quite a while back

The very definition of an ADR however is sth that is sudden and unexpected.

To the best of my recollection, HPV wasn’t implicated in causation of uterine cancers. Naturally, an anti-HPV vaccine would therefore be of no benefit towards that.

Besides Gardasil, there’s Cervarix as well.

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