Both to Score and Over/Under Betting

Nani amewahi kuwa successful BTTS betting na over/under betting?
Itakuwa poa tukishare tips daily/weekly.

Kuna hii statistical site yenye na use kuniguide. Haiko 100% but imenihelp in a way

Nimekuwa successful BTTS kwa games za england championship, czech republic, singapore, china na MLS.
Games za kenya, egypt, south africa, algeria, na late games za south america zimenisaidia kwa under 3.5/4.5 betting

Over and Under markets have been good many times than straight wins. Many bet houses had options from O/U 0.5 - 5.5, but as of today I see that Sportpesa have also joined in this betting option. Mathematically your risk is spread to between 50:50, than straight wins which gives you approximately 33.3% (Win: Draw: Loss) chance of winning a bet. Hizo leagues umetaja ni poa sana for O/U bets. I have noted that African Leagues + National Teams and South American Leagues + National Teams are good bets for the O/U options. Majaliwa…