Both sides of the coalitions up to 2018

The narrative is, the members of both coalitions want to stay put up to 2018 by delaying and causing confusion about the selection of the commissioners thus spilling over to 2018.Some Jubilee MPS are silently supporting their colleagues in CORD to sabotage everything.Sisi wenye nchi tunacheshwa tu.

hata babu?

I think as much.

It’s not about Iebc okoa Kenya or dialogue Railas frustrations are on the number of registered voters in his regions and the loss of popularity in the kingmaker region (Rift Valley). Hapa hata yeye anajua 2017 game imeisha before kick off.

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Babu anataka mkate nusu ndugu unless the narrative changes @gashwn

sasa atapataje nusu kama hata hawawezi kubaliana vile watagawana slices na wanaomsaidia kuvuka?

@gashwin when the country turns to anarchy the western powers will be here commanding us to solve our differences amicably by sharing the few posts even if it CSS.

there is no country that is turning to anarchy. watu waache vitisho baridi…

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Mzee Lalisha makende