boss shollei

this lady on citizen tv now,yahani in kenya you have to have a scandal for you to venture into politics ,i just dont like listening to women discussing politics so i will have to switch to watching a game of thrones


I equally don’t like grown up men watching useless movies like game of thrones or Raila the democrat being clean as cotton or Ruto talking about corruption.


so why did you vote her

iyamunei Langat

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Angalieni Nairobi Diaries

this thing is watched by socialites and fags. so no. hatutaangalia.


Missing. Answering for Langat.
Ilion. Itinye kwetiot


motinye. amigaa agasi retio. an inye?

She is my relative from down south Kapkenda. Answering for my cousin from Bomet @Langat

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Gwani wee ni mtu ya Bumet sendro?

Hii ndio ile lugha naskianga inaitwa kishetani?

Please ask her go easy on the hair weaves.

She causing an artificial shortage in the market.

Abak kichang kora en yu eeh, kolene ooh ooh chemosisyechu, tebe kwetyot aragani omene

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I tried watching this thing by half episode nikachoka. if they had real people like nice githinji et al I’d be a loyal viewer.

Hehehe the casting of that program is a cry for help

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Nice Githinji has very nice tits

hahaha…I knew someone wud go there.


Uwon ome oik aragani, meinma setaniandani, chololun koristo ak rubet.

Oindoni. Yaani unafikiria matako tu? Get a fucken life.

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