Boring Weekend Ahead

This will probably be one of the most boring weekends, I will not be working and I don’t have money to travel upcountry.

Please suggest movies/series I can watch. I love action.

Try to read a book for a change.

The Last book I read was “The Da Vinci Code” back in 2009. Suggest one

Try to visit a branch of national library close to you and see what they have.

You mean computer games? Gani sasa?

Try walking

Have you watched any of these series? Tyrant The Empire and Crisis?

Try one (or all) and you wont have a boring weekend.

Nimewatch “Crisis”, will try the other two, thanks.

Depends na uzito wa comp yako

Try wanking and thank me later.

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Around the world in 80 days. Your kid can join you in the game.

@pamba you remind of my early days in klost, I asked “What is wanking?” and a guy told to talk to my right hand. I still laugh when I think about.

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My friend get your girl and do what you do best. else get ushindi/nivea and get down to business. Alafu lala hadi monday

Dangerous dave is a good game :smiley:

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Wait what @Mundu Mulosi ? So on weekends you’re either working or upcountry?

Yes boss. By the way I watched “Tyrant”, my rating, 8/10.

Since I discovered Royal Gold whisky all my weekends have been sorted.That demon drink comes from India and has sufficient punch to knock out a horse.The taste is nice and smooth and it’s very pocket friendly.For all whisky lovers, forget about the Jameson hype, try rhis one.

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Naipata wapi hiyo Royal Gold Whisky, I have friends visiting me this weekend, na wanakunywa kama samaki.

^^ wigendi ya hii thread illiisa.

Kwani ilikuwa ni yako, si uwache mwenye thread afunge.@mundu, you can get it from Mwalimu wine agencies or Uchumi supermarkets spirits section.