well after losing my money on the mexico vs bolivia game,my mood changed.That was 1k down the drain, just like that.
Anyway, the pope wants to add Kenya to the list of countries he will be visiting in November but since uhunye can’t get it right in terms of security he might give us a wide berth
na admin, kwani huwa si graduate from new villager

Smoke your name, boredom gone pap!

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Sasa unataka tukusaidie aje? ungeshinda ungekuja kutuambia.

Pope akikuja what happens?..oh tourists watakam okay!

So many threads to read! Make yourself useful! Plus kuna e-library ya kijiji! Dunya/Runda/Rrrruuu something. Then there’s Sufuria copy pasted articles Mara pineapples sijui dark circles not forgetting our mharo links! Click your boredom away!

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Pope pia anaogopa alshabaab? Kwani mungu atakua leave hio siku?


mbona pope aogope alshabab si nadhani every sunday wao huimba how they yearn to be with the Lord

Hehe just because they yearn to go to heaven doesnt mean ujipeleke kwa kifo, wacha kifo ikutafute instead

The memories of Mehmet Ali Agca and what he attempted to do are still very fresh…

I have a frnd of mine he’s so loyal to his wife very supportive hatumiangi drug ata moja (en has never) lkn he has a serious prblm with gambling…chunga sana bro

Hii yenyu sasa ni upuzi