Good evening, I’m a newbie here and I’d like to express admiration to the various admins of this platform.
To my point, might I suggest a forum for bookworms?
Thank you

admins za hii site wote ni mafala.

Be nice 1776, it costs you none

:D:D:D I hope @Brayo44ki is just a front for one of the admins, otherwise this is hilarious

utajingundulia tu:D

No it’s not, I promise you.
I’m as real as death

Unatu suggestia baadaye utuweke… @Adnim unakuanga na ufala


I’m sure I’ll be disappointed every now then, it’s life… Lines get blurred

No no, look what you started!

Ass Kissinger kweli

Would you like me to do you next?

Which mod resigned?

Licking ass won’t get you anywhere with @admin 's Kanjo…

So you did lick ass and it got you nowhere, seems like you acquired a taste for it


Cheza chini


I figure you never got the book section here.
Try if you are in telegram .

@ Brayo44ki, also new here and would love such a group, so how goes it?