Books for the Boychild 2021

For Game read
[li]Mode One Book by Alan Rodger Curries (Its highly underrated but works) I would urge all the incels who pay for sex to read this book.[/li][/ul]
For intergender dynamics read:
[li]Sex at Dawn- The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha[/li][li]The Rational Male Book Series by Rollo Tomassi (All Masculinity coaches owe their careers to the man who started it all)[/li][li]Bonus Book[/li][li]The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (A bit black pilled)[/li][/ul]

For Strategy:
[li]The Art of War by Sun Tzu[/li][li]The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli[/li][li]48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene[/li][/ul]
Social Intelligence and Charisma:
[li] The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene[/li][/ul]
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Feel free to add others.

siwez soma ii ujinga yote juu ya kuma…
seduce unSuspecting female…dunga mimba … confirm dna …go hide at a good forest… boni ama arabuko sokoke…
watch from far as @byro raise your brat:D

@byro saa hii anachange diapers za mtoto si wake:D

Nirushieni link

nko na girl child nliacha langoBaya huko malindi…mamake hupata suprise ya mpesa …huwa ana ni winda :smiley:

You are the real alpha male…hao wengine ni simps…hio ndio plan yangu pia…tafuta mali swafi ya kienyeji…dry fry bila kushtuka shtuka…Mimba unawachia boyfriend a deal nayo

nlifanya dna rancet…siz alijua akaShow mathey…kisanga wacha

nlifanya dna rancet…siz alijua akaShow mathey …kisanga wacha:D
stayed firm


Rancet ndiyo nini chokosh?

nlifanya dna rancet…siz alijua akaShow mathey …kisanga wacha:D
stayed firm

Lancet kinyocho

@Electronics4u saidia jamaa wa miwa
ng’ombe @Ice_Cube ilirudi moscow ama?

Ghasia acha kupost repetitions ama tukurushe kwa mamba

network ya telcon meffi wao…siku izi ata kuStream ni ngori

I have a huge problem with this idea of reading theoretical books. Only Robert Kiyosaki seems to have done better in scripting a book imaginatively. He however borrows his ideas, like that Rich Dad Poor Dad, he has borrowed heavily from George Samuel Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon” especially on the “Pay yourself first” part which forms a large premise of his book. And he acknowledges this in the book. As for the rest, I find most of them theoretical and putting those ideas into real practice is a tough hustle. My idea of books has always been memoirs or [auto]biographies. These are guys who have been in the same quagmire as you and did particular stuff that got them out. It’s very therapeutic and informative reading about certain individuals you consider high achievers and how they made it or what strategy they used. You are a soldier, grab “Shake Hands with the Devil, the failure of Humanity in Rwanda” by Gen. Romeo Dallaire. You are a diplomat, read Kofi Anna’s “Interventions, a World of War and Peace”. An ambitious woman, check Sirleaf Johnson’s “This Child will be Great”. Such books give you an in-depth approach into real situations as opposed to theories.

The best place to hide something from an African is inside a book, tafakari hayo.

umbwa ii

…africans…we have a poor reading culture.
It has been made worse with the introduction of smart phones. We prefer reading and sharing memes… :D:D
Hata bible we prefer reading a verse


Sisi kitabu tunasoma ni hii