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This one down here was recommended by Grace Msalame last year when ol’ Klist didn’t have breathing problems. The book is a dedication to the whistleblowers like Snowden in the face of US government’s mass surveillance of its citizens’ electronic communications- Spying on its own people since 9/11.[ATTACH=full]4241[/ATTACH]Other .epub books I want to read soon.

currently nasoma haya[ATTACH=full]4249[/ATTACH]

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Hizo ulizipata wapi? I’d like to read them. They aren’t easily available in digital format.

can some one get me " facing Mt Kenya" in pdf or epub ?

Yap…Guilty as charged…pia nilipeana Ile ya Julian Assange…but hio ya Greenwald made me take my online security very seriously…both on my real and imaginary social accounts

It’s an eye opener that book. Good recommendation.

Stumbled on them in torrents

Thanks, will get em.

Damn… maze si u-share?!