Books downloads link.

A while back kuna a jamaa who had posted some free Ebook download website. Anyone with the link or any other link that would be of help, I will appreciate. Thanks

Nice evening.


Ingia telekram tupatane hapa
Empress Druid - MC:
We want to bring back the reading culture.

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Our content are free


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Sometime back they anikad Asterix comics.

Na fitabu za Stephen King

Asante Mkubwa

Ebu angusha channel ingine hapa ya maana please
Kuna MTU alieka PandoraBox. Best site ever

Pandora box nilitoka, couldn’t keep up with 10k Msgs per day

The books there are not african,it is full of errotic magazines,i thot i can get a real novel to read …unless this is a new group hiyo ingine kuna mtu alipost hapa na nikaingia nikapata ni umeffi tu

I’ve read almost all his books…but I wouldn’t pass a chance of reading them once again.

You are weird.
Currently rereading the Tommy knockers,

I’ve read all of them. Own all of them. Now re-reading Bazaar of bad dreams

Dean Koontz, James Herbert…among others.
Tommy knockers, that very funny/comical book?
iko mpaka na provision for automation with wget

@A.G. Ingia hapa

Hio tommy knockers utamaliza lini ES?

in due time, next in line is the pet cemetery

I loved that one…that’s why i cremate my pets…:slight_smile:


i second this. One of my favourite telegram channels.