Bonobos Fighting in Westlands

Hiyo ngumi ya mwisho imeshika vizuri

Pointlessly long

Sasa huyo soja anachapa rich kid na hajui allowance ya huyo kijana imeshinda annual salary yake? Fukara kama @BBIsiMuhimu anatrek 10 kilometres daily kwenda job na anaji-involve na mambo hayamhusu.

Shoga mzee umerudi na handle ya pili :smiley: :smiley:

The person taking the video ako sawa sana - we call it ‘Balcony view’ of the situation. Yaani ametulia tuli, you can’t pick out car numbers leave alone the faces. Sound pia ni kama inaletwa na combination ya stereo, dolby, na Bluetooth.

Shida ilikuwa wapi jameni? tabia zingine ni za ajabu ajabu sana.

Simps can easily kill you when arguing with a woman in public. Always watch for those fuckers since they use the “sneaky fuckers” strategy, which “””“refers to the way in which subordinate males manage to accomplish mating with females—which they otherwise might not get to do—by taking advantage of instances in which dominant (and more appealing) males are preoccupied, fighting off intruders”“”. (Original definition coined by an evolutionary biologist - can’t remember his name).

In 'humans, it’s a cunning way of kujipedekeza kwa mwanamke by taking advantage of such a public scuffle by openly simping for the woman to the extent of using violence against the man - even though the guy is clearly defending himself against reapeated aggressions from the woman.

He he he…apana cheza na slayqueen
Most of them have bipolar dysfunction

Enyewe stress levels in Kenya ziko juu. Shida ya madeni

A keen behavioural scientist will have noted this sly fisi pulling off the “simp tactic” :smiley:

Softie @chap and one of his chips funga.

Lol that soja anafaa kuwekelewa viboko kama punda.The chick is the one looking for a fight.Sa in this scenario ndume anafaa kufanya?We really need to deny this thuggish chicks the pussy pass,wachapwe tu KOs.

Indeed. I am already imagining the kind of voice-over that would accompany his description of the scenario above.

…“when alpha males of the human species are preoccupied with fighting, weaker bystander males can take advantage of the commotion to shamelessly simp towards otherwise inaccessible females. This is according to Ktalk behavioral scientists, and ““muguka base researchers”” is defined as the ‘sneaky-fucker strategy…,…’”

When she left, the lady got into an accident. So bad that she is currently admitted in hospital

Wacha kelele kama huna evidence

exactly halafu ati how can you beat a woman. That bitch needed a proper whooping awache nduru kama malaya

The guy should have handled himself better. Get a few of those bystanders to move that little car. Or wrestle her off the keys. Just making a bad situation get worse.
Now he has a cracked windshield to fix. At least the deductible. All because he gave her hints on damaging vehicles.

Why didn’t he just leave? There was enough room to squeeze the Merc through once he had turned it around.

And with this video out, insurance won’t pay a dime. Those guards need better training on how to de-escalate such a situation. It could have been worse kwanza where the lady chased the guy with a sharp object and he fell.

:smiley: ghaseer nailed it! That classic English voice from the animal documentaries za 80s that would be rerun on KBC the other day :smiley:

But such rage between a male and female ingeendelea bila outsiders and in a private environment hao watu wawili would have ended up shagging ile serious dry fry. The sexual tension eez palpable