Bonnie blocked matiangi, atakipata!

An earlier post of Bonnie blocking some cabinet secretary, kumbe ni matiangi.


Haikuwa Maraga?

Matiang’i ndio atakipata

No, ni matiangi, cj has clearly indicated plates as CJ

Sawa elder, Wacha tuone

I’ve seen matiangi’s convoy following traffic… Must have been someone else…

Mujamaa acha ku divert attention, ebu rudisha hio thread umepost alaf ukang’owa

mimi ata kitu imeniasha sana kwa hii story yote ni ati wakati si huenda kuimba mapambano na @maizeroaster pale freedom corner kumbe organiser mwenye tunaimbaga naye “bado mapambano” ako na benz…na vile hutuchocha"mimi ni mwendeshaji pikipiki tu"

Sio mimi mkubwa, mimi hata nimefika hapa saa sita hivi.

This is why we never get ahead, just coz you’re in government, you shouldn’t be treated like king or god? Watumishi wajeuri.

Nope. Too risky nowdays. Weekly changing private NPs

:smiley: why this conception that civil activists have to be poor, kwani where do the resources to organize those things come from, being arrested and getting lawyers to defend you, printing posters, all that costs money, a lot of money - as long as someone is leading a cause and whatever they have was not gained illegally we could as well have bill gates as an activist.

:Deven the hustler who used to sell chickens is currently the most benevolent. Mamilioni kila weekend kwa kanisa

:smiley: mimi hata sijui why some people get so worked when the hustler gives out his cash, its is money he can do whatever he wants with it - lakini hapa ke guys are always critical, unatoa pesa wanasema ni ya wizi, unakosa kutoa wanasema wewe ni mgumu.

we tend believe we are all after the same goal if our revolution is headed by someone of the same status…

Matiangi sud know pipo . Its him who should have let Bonnie pass.

Ebu weka YouTube display of the events this prattle of yours is not connecting