bonnie and njeri

It was a rainy day at around 2pm.From 2-6 pm was a time for entertainment music would be played and students danced in the dining hall .Others played among themselves .Since it was raining most activities were concentrated around the dining hall.
Musyoki the watchman with many years experience was going round the school especially on the classes side of the school where nobody was concentrating on .As he moved towards 4West he heard some moaning sounds .When he opened the door he could see njeri bent over ,while bonnie was behind her both in pleasure.Njeri had her skirt pulled up panties dropped down to her knees. Bonnie had his trouser and boxer removed up to knee level.They were facking in addition bonnie had some bhang which he was smoking .As soon as they saw musyoki they disengaged pulled up their clothes to their waists and ran out of the classroom using the other door .
bonie threw away his blunt and matches.Musyoki picked them up as evidence.
This evidence was presented to us .When the students were summoned njeri changed the story and claimed that bonnie raped her.We did not buy the story since ,bonnie had sent the watchman to go buy two packets of chips at lunch time ,and some of us had seen the two together on that day eating together.THey had also been seen getting cosy together in various spots around the school earlier on.

Wakamba hawanaga siri.

Was this school in Machakos?

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