Boniface Mwangi

This man Boniface Mwangi is on tv being interviewed live by Andrew Simmons (Al jazeera) in Nairobi, na anachafua jina ya serikali ya Kamwana or is it saying the truth. He talked about the major corruption in the government, the police force and judiciary. I guess its high time something happened. Kudos mujamaa hustler. What is your view.


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frogs’ eyes…

So I was just watching this guy being interviewed on Aljazeera… C’mon does he ever have anything good to talk about this country? I wonder whose agenda he is pushing… I don’t support corruption in any way but, I have never heard this guy talking anything positive about this country… and here we are condemning CNN on how they report about Africa…If their sources are such people, then I pity ourselves coz the negative perceptions will not end anytime soon…


He is a cunt for lack of a stronger word.


I saw that shit and was pissed off, and before him Aljazeera was all positive on Kenya concentrating on the strides we are making, come on man, even the journalist was taken a back


Huyu atafinywa makende hadi asalimu amri

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In great nations civil activists have limits and knowledge. You have to know when, where and how to say something. This is golden a time to sell the Brand Kenya and show where we have come from, where we are and the future of the nation. Whatever happened to argumentative criticism, say a lot about the positives and a little about the negatives. A citizen is always the first ambassador of his or her nation. Anyway, such fellows only happen in Kenya for the sake of likes and follows on twitter and instagram.


What a coincidence, but isorait… mimi si mtu wa plagiarism… Labda It’s telepathy as someone noted in another thread.

Nmeona that part ya aljazeera wakiongea about kenyan megastructures and i was like, now this is good. Kumbe shoga ameharibu kimpango. Although its good to condemn corruption, its even better to appreciate simple positive steps we take in equal measure.,


hehe the network was looking at the expansion of ports, the SGR, and other positives,yeye the first statement,Oh kenya is the most corrupt country on earth, our MPs were bribed to approve the SGR. This may be true, but why not build on the positivity? he complains there are no jobs in the same breath and his own statements are sowing seeds of doubt amongst potential investors. He should have toned down alafu next week arudishe nguruwe na punda CBD.

PS: He forgets Lobbying is one the biggest business in Washington.That is just a fancy word but it means almost the same thing as what the MPs were subjected to by the Chinese


ni kaunga anatafuta

I hope investors won’t listen to his words. Ni kikijana kimepotoshwa.

Ama huyu ndio @kermit


I usually agree with Boniface on his views on corruption and Mpigs greed but i also think he overdoes it and sometimes he has no tact

he NEVER has tact. He wasn’t born with any. and he doesn’t have a trainable brain…

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You mean like what Michuki did to one Oscar?

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Since all of you have better things to talk on Kenya why aren’t we seeing you on tv championing for the same?? Then mtu akipata tender illegally mnakimbia hapa na story mob HYPOCRITES!!

kijana after all those gory pics he took he went mental, its sad he nor anybody recommended psychotherapy