Boniface mwangi


Niaje jūra matū

Pro BBI air heads should save this in Google cloud for future reference, post election clarity!!

BBI will pass because that’s what the deep state has decided. It’s pointless to fight it but Kenyans are welcome to try.

2022 is also sorted , the elections will just be a formality …how i wish jubiliodiots voted for the other option pale 2017…shauri yenyu

It wont pass. Unless they rig the numbers.

Hehee since when did numbers matter? What makes the whole difference ni “system.” You simply cannot fight it. Huwezi! :D:D

We have to fight because we dont have means to leave the country when it collapses

You are welcome in Somalia …all the effin you


Some respect to the president please

Hatakama nchi ni shamba la mawe, siwezi kukimbilia kifo huko ugandishu.

Numbers matter a lot. Biden thrashed trump like nobody business. We will also defeat these politicians heads down

Hii Boniface ni noisemaker tu. How will BBI help Uhunye cling onto power?

maybe not but bbi ni upuzi mtupu…heri nisikize noisemaker anayepinga hio ujinga kuliko nyangau inaniambia tupigie kura bbi

Okay but misinforming people is not the correct way. Listen this Boniface guy is very shady. All he does is criticize, abuse and demonize members of parliament day and night then on election day we find his name as a contestant for Starehe. He pretends he fights for people but all he wants is to join the hightable akule na waheshimiwa.

Kweli asante ya punda ni mateke. Making personal sacrifices for Kenyans is a fools errand. Pole kwa Boniface na wengine who try.

Uhuru and Raila have read BBI for us and they say it is good. We elected them as our leaders to lead from the front including matters BBI and if they say BBI is good we also support.

i cant tell if you are being sarcastic or not…

Voting for the senile dim eyed octogenarian would have made no difference to the country. He is even more corrupt and clueless just like his Gatundu brother.