Bonfire Adventures

I think this company is now developing some greed. From their website, their offers look mouth-watering but the minute you contact the agents and they email you the particulars unaona daylight robbery. Wanted a 3-night mombasa trip north coast and from the website, Voyager was 18,500 ppsharing. Called an agent akasema only south coast offers were available with two hotels offering 22,500 pps. Baobab and Tiwi hotels. Mind you the first and last day of travelling is included in those four days. Since it’s south coast, arrival at the hotel is 6pm and checkout is 5am(ferry i guess). Essentially you’re there for 2days. Hii ni upuss.

Iko talker alisema he can connect watu hapa na apartments starting from 4500/ day. Hebu jitokeze

Mimi nataka kwenda Coast kihustler. Wapi nitapata accommodation ya 500 bob?

Following @10000 OTHERS kuja kiasi

Jaribu Bountiful Safaris

a good one ni tulia backpackers they charge you 900 a night na Iko nyali just 100 metres from the beach

Checking out at 5am :eek::eek::eek::mad::mad:

Ata morning glory thresholds hujafikisha

Hii ni ya wazungu chokoras, its on that turn ya Jubilee coast hq along links road. Utakuliwa na kunguni ukilala kwa izo hammock zao

That’s insane

Just call Baobab directly. na ujipeleke hapo. you can actually check in at 8 a.m. its much cheaper than agents and bonfire.

There’s a simple accomodation somewhere near Casa B or something like that. I think it’s called “Paradise”. Very clean rooms at 800 per night, I guess.

I was there na I can’t complain they had a good bar na accommodation ilikuwa fiti hakuna kunguni ilinikula

Hehe, na vile mimi hupata anaphylaxis nikiumwa na hizo vitu. Was once bitten in mlolongo kwa akina @vuja de and almost succumbed. Windpipe ilishrink, macho zikafura na kufungika. So backpackers hio ni X

You know the rule, pics zikam. Nitaweka ya kunguni pia

Greed for money and publicity by the directors is slowly consuming this company.
If anyone works there, let then advise the couple to build a few apartment blocks while they can, instead of buying Range Rovers as birthday presents.
Tourism Goodwill is never permanent. One small mistake caused by so many factors, be they natural, political, or personal and KABOOM! You lose all the clients.
You can count up to 100 tourism companies that were booming a few years or decades ago which are now Kaput.

Bombolulu :slight_smile:

Was it the holiday season?..juu at that price I am sure huwa inajaa kama public beach.

ilikua august last yr

Kaa Lane yako my friend. Hauna pesa ya holiday. Mind you also they don’t cater for lunch. Most hotels at the coast lunch is not included in full board. Ukitaka lunch most hotels unaongeza atleast 2K per head.
Check in in all hotels na lodging za downtown River Road ni 10am-10am.
Sasa wewe unataka ulipe from 6 pm-6pm kama nani?

Full board means lunch inclusive. Half board is bila lunch. Hizo check in timings is as per Bonfire. I guess it’s dictated by sgr arrival, ferry crossing and movement all the way to diani