bones and joints doctor

From yesterday, nimekuwa nikiskia some lower back discomfort, that discomfort one feels after bending down or standing for a long time. I am also feeling fatigue/weakness on my right leg. Naeza pata wapi a bones and joint doctor?

I am not a specialist but what you have just described is more likely ’ herniated disc’.

If you are a heavy lifter then tone down.

Go see Prof Atinga hapo Nairobi hospital,Drs.Plaza…huyo mzee yuko sawa kabisa …2nd flr

Tafuta dame ubinje yeye au ukitaka naweza kuachia @kanguthu for 2 nights.
After that escapade your back will be well.Jamaa nilidhani uko na lugha kumbe dryspell namaliza wewe,au labda kuishi na mathe inafanya ushindwe ku import maku

Sawa. Wacha nifike huko.

Change your mattress, it worked for me

That’s the kinda feeling I had one time I took a walk from 2pm adi 8pm only stopping for a few minutes in between. Siku izi I just walk for 30 minutes and I’m good