Bomet governor.

The good gentleman @langatkipro p pointed out today that Laboso’s sister and Kones were among those who were very busy feeding the Kalenjin fighters during the 2007 PEV clashes in the R.Valley.

Which would also mean that governor here below had a clue or was also a participant. Either way sio kumchekelea lakini hii ni ailment gani imelemea London doctors ikabidi apelekwe India?

Ama the bills have shot up to stratospheric levels?

And why don’t these wakubwas invest in the best medical care right here in Kenya and save themselves the trouble of going abroad all the time. Just spend a sweet kshs. 50 billion on KNH and kit it with the best equipment around. And pay medical staff properly and on time. Sio kushinda wakibishana na madaktari juu ya haki yao.



And of course hakukosi wise ass of the day with the killer comment.


Proverb 12:14 "[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Y[FONT=times new roman][COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]our reward depends on what you say and what you do; you will get what you deserve"[/FONT]

Nani huyo alitembelea yeye?
Ngai. Ni yule Swara…?

From Standard Newspaper :

PHOTOS: Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso hospitalised in London
By Fay Ngina[I]Opposition leader Raila Odinga visits Bomet Govern[/I]
Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso is recovering in a hospital in London

Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso is recovering in a hospital in London.
In a post seen by Ureport, Opposition leader Raila Odinga and Kenya’s High Commissioner to the U.K Manoah Esipisu paid a visit to the hospitalized Governor.
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The leaders however did not disclose any details as to what the Governor is suffering from.
In 2016, former Bomet Governor Issac Ruto also went for treatment in South Africa after a teargas canister hurled by a police officer hit him on the face.
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Upon his return, he was taken to Nairobi Hospital where Raila Odinga also visited him.

@FieldMarshal CouchP could explain why she went to london

May my Governor get well. God grace upon her. She has done much better than the loud mouthed fellow Isaac Ruto we sent home

It’s probably less expensive in India seeing how closely the country is watching her spend ‘county money’ in randan.

India has advanced in medical technology

It used to be phone calls now it seems if he visits in person you are similarly doomed.

Raila akikutembelea hospitalini just know you are fu*cked. Mwenye amesema the governor angeenda hospitali local asked a good question. We should be having world class hospital.

Na mbona Gafana amevaa kitenge kwa hospital bed? Nilifikiri they have those pajama like clothing…hapa tunacheswo.

Wear a hospital gown and be seen to be mortal? Never in a million years…

Ule risasi moja who met nkaissery

mbari ya kimendero, I guess a date with fate awaits in India. Can only wish her all the best.

They should improve our hospitals

Apparently 2 leaders are currently in Europe for treatment, Joyce laboso and Ken okoth. Both allegedly suffering from cancer!!
The less said about Cancer the better,
Currently all county hospitals have a 7 year lease agreement with GE, for miscellaneous cancer equipments. Same equipments you did find anywhere in the world.
Billions of under utilized equipments, cry my beloved country
Maybe leaders will start getting their priorities right, till then, i feel no mercy for them. Just burried my uncle, he died from cancer, in his last days we only gave him pain killers, death came as a relief

Pole sana. Terrible disease.

While we are haggling over whether to install extra radiotherapy equipment at KNH, in other countries they have monstrous centers dedicated just to the treatment of cancers. Mega hospitals with dozens of labs and the most insane research facilities on earth.

Like this one here in Texas :

With over 20,000 workers I imagine it dwarfs KNH many times over. Na hii ni ya cancer pekee. It’s located at the University of Texas so research can go on non stop. Some of the things they do there are mind boggling.

Na hio ni moja tu. In the U.S and other developed countries ni mingi sana to deal with any type of cancer.

Siedman cancer center in Cleveland.

Na hapa Kenya if they could just stop stealing and put aside some cash to help the poor.

May she get better soon. Moving from UK to India though. Not very good.

Wataenda India na warudi kwa sanduku na hawaskii.