Bomet fire Engine

This is what Bomet county calls a fire engine. TATA pickup truck with a ladder on top. Cost Ksh 21 million. [ATTACH=full]12534[/ATTACH]





Uko serious…

hawa gavanas wametubeba kama mafala, kwanza inakaa second hand


And Isaac Ruto is the one who shouts loudest for more money to the counties. The dude never uses the road anymore while travelling to and from the county. Na siku hizi amenona kama nguruwe. Wakenya tuna shida.

This is a joke

pwahahaha; hii labda ikue zima moto ya kibanda

And he had an event to launch it, I bet hio launch cost most than the truck

Are you kidding? That things looks like imeokotwa from a damp site huko majuu.

This things are not that cheap But Hii??? Hapana.
Ok All i know with my kimbelelembe it can cost about $125,000 for a single axle,with a additional NFPA standards. So simple math of 125,000 x 104 = Ksh 13,000’000. ukiweka VAT: 16% + IDF of 2.25% since Gava hawalipi Tax … Heheee …naona kama kitu nono imeliwa hapa. If this is true.

Iyo body work ni ya Choda :D:D:D


hotbed of jokes

Hehehehehe!!! Wakenya hapa tumecheswa :frowning:

hapa baba Edu ametuenjoy

Haha. Truck reminds me of zile icecream trucks we see on movies. But what did you expect him to buy na “pesa sio ya mama yake”. Tafakari hayo

Hahaha, priss