Bombshell: Pelosi gives the President of America two options : resign willingly and immediately or I impeach you immediately.

@Purple , @Kahuni Maisha

Pelosi has also taken over the military and demanded that the military stands down and takes away nuclear codes from the President.

Prisdent Pelosi also declared that Trump will be impeached on Monday morning and placed under house arrest.

Prisidente Pelosi also added that in case Pence refuses to take over as Prisidente she will step in as first lady Prisiedent of America in the interim before handover. She said this after lengthy discussions with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.

Tupatie link Mdau. Hata kama ni eMMNN

Fellow whites are getting arrested left right for their dumb shit. Umeachwa wapi ?

lazima uite @Purple to support your dumb BS?? Your constant need for approval and resistance to think logically will be your undoing

What has purple done? I thought you liked her.

And FYI she is a patriot and MAGA supporter and must be notified first. Or you wanted me to tag you?

Na mkitagiwa vile mnakuwaga na maringo ya peni mbele, "Never call me ever again or alert me on such a useless thread… " :smiley:

You cant have your cake and eat it at the same time.

Ziko huko CNN. Siwes post mimi. She even wrote a lengthy letter to the army about how her dream was to become rais one day.

They have claimed for a long time that she is third in line after Pence.

[SIZE=7]Could Nancy Pelosi be the next acting President?[/SIZE]
4 days ago Tyler Krusz

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The election conflict, if left unresolved by the Jan. 20 inauguration date, could leave the United States with neither Donald Trump or Joe Biden as the next sitting President.
Should neither candidate officially receive 270 electoral votes- whether by Congressional objection or any other scenario- the House of Representatives decides the President and Vice President. This has only happened twice in history- it was a mess in 1800, the 12th Amendment was added, and it was a much smoother process in 1824, but it hasn’t happened since.
Each of the 50 House delegations, separated by state, will have one vote, eliminating the Democratic advantage and allowing for a possible deadlock.
If the House fails to nominate a President, the elected Vice President will take over. That is, though, assuming that the House approves a Vice President and not a President, which is unlikely. This would bring a vote to the Senate floor to nominate a Vice President- another debate that could possibly never end.
Further down the rabbit hole, according to the President Succession Act of 1947, should the Senate be unable to elect a Vice President, the seat of the President of the United States would automatically be awarded to the current Speaker of the House- which would leave the country with a President Nancy Pelosi.

you have serious issues… christ almighty. you have issues

In fact I only tag those democrats who are moderate. Take for example if I was to tag your cousin Abba from klist where everyone is arrogant. You will hear him say, “Don’t ever tag me again on a thread or else I will write a strongly worded letter to the admin and copied to Nabongo Mumias himself! You will see fire!”

Now when you hear that kind of threatening language used like it is being used on President Trump you can only tag kahuni maisha or purple. Patriots who don’t over react easily.

Its not about tagging… you as an individual have issues that you need to deal with. starting with all the hate you harbor

As MAGA we don’t hate we only laugh at your childishness.

Kama saa hii ati mmeblock Trump. :smiley:

Ati mnadhani kule ako saa hii hakuli sausage kwa amani.:rolleyes:

And you guys aren’t celebrating. Why I wonder?

your stupidity is mind-numbing… continue seeing the world through your limited viewpoint

Trump should be JFKed!

But sir that is not Democracy. That is fascism AKA extreme dictatorship.

Patco ni matako

You are the one with limited viewpoint where you consider others as stupid idiots… imbeciles, evangelical red necks who don’t deserve leadership or even to be listened to.

Your limited viewpoint leads you to believe that you have monopoly over wisdom and goodness and that you are SUPERIOR intellectuals. Which is unfortunate. Hata ukiona mtu anakaa mjinga juu hana degree don’t assume he is a complete utter idiot.

We saw your side steal an election and now you guys want to pretend that everything is fine and normal.

You know the Roman Catholic Inquisition killed Gallileo in 1633 for simply stating that the earth rotates around the sun? In his time, that was considered high treason. They couldn’t even hear him out, give him a chance to express himself. Same way the courts have thrown out all election fraud cases! Why? Because liberals at their core are actually a bunch of very emotionally fragile, insecure people. The irony at calling themselves “liberal.” With the help of msm, Big Tech, these fascists are now in a position to determine what truth is, which is the their “approved” version of events in line with Party doctrine. Anyone who goes against this propaganda is canceled like Galileo.

If they can do this to a President who’s not in line with the deep state globalist agenda, what can’t they do to the hoi-polloi?

Sasa vile wamebox Trump into a corner, someone with nuclear codes, what if he takes the Samson option between now and the 20th?


Even the majority of Republicans are against Trump.
Stop acting like he’s a messiah, who everyone turns against.