Boeing flies into new problem

U.S. authorities identified a fresh issue with Boeing’s beleaguered 737 MAX, with the Federal Aviation Administration saying it found a “potential risk” during simulations. It’s a setback for the carrier, which had been preparing to conduct test flights in early July after the FAA indicated it would approve Boeing’s changes earlier this month. The entire fleet was grounded globally in March, following two fatal crashes involving the model.

Software again. This thing should never have flown even one day. Drumpf might be forced to impose sanctions on Airbus…:smiley:

it’s already weighing down the Dow Jones Industrial Average to18 points dragged lower by it’s (Boeing) Company’s shares, which fell 2.8% .Wadau wanaona ikiwa deadweight ile mbaiya

hao watu si watoe hiyo upuzi na waweke manual systems kwa existing 737 max. alafu wa-scrap production watengeneze ndege ingine.

Boeing announced it could break the chain of events that led to both crashes by developing a software fix that would limit the potency of that stabilization system.

In simulator tests, government pilots discovered that a microprocessor failure could push the nose of the plane toward the ground. It is not known whether the microprocessor played a role in either crash.

Once again, the Yankees are looking for short instead of admitting that trying to evade new type certification was corrupt, dangerous and deceitful.

Do you know this is not far from the truth. More usa airlines are ordering Airbus. Russia is scaling up its MC 200 plane production for domestic carriers. However the biggest concern is China with over 3000 units on order from Chinese airlines. All those are up in the air as they have moved to buy the new Chinese domestic planes. What’s has emerged is interesting trump offering to drop opposition on Huawei to get China not to drop Boeing :D. No plane maker can claim global no 1 without Chinese sales.

Bw. Mkuki,

If we have reached a point where ‘Mr. You’re Fired!’ is beginning to understand that global trade is a reciprocal process oiled by mutual respect, we have come a long way.
China will exploit this issue fully to earn Huawei some respect.

Chinese carriers need over 6000 planes in the next 10 years. Boeing being shut out the only growth market will be a death knell for them.

Tears of joy, fuck America hahaa. Even the bully gets beaten!

Kwanza Indian imposed tariff Trump alirant pale streets of Twitter that’s it’s unacceptable. So yeye kwake it’s accepted when he impose lakini other countries wakiweka anakunja mkia na kuwanza kubitch like a privileged Kenya slay kwin.[ATTACH=full]245153[/ATTACH]