Boeing Blames Goddamn Third World Pilots For Recent Plane Crashes

This “aviation expert” who keeps saying “automentation” instead of automation, insinuates untrained pilots in the developing world are responsible for the recent 737 MAX crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. He says pilots in “some of these countries” have “no aviation background at all”. I bet he cannot even name Ethiopia and Indonesia. Ethiopian Airlines has been in operation since 1945, in a country that “has no aviation background”. After thoroughly dissing the pilots, they then urge everyone to “wait for investigations before jumping to conclusions”. Finally, although there’s nothing wrong with the 737 MAX, a software patch will be released in April.

Typical from the white man

Omg that was painfully condescending! He could have just said, “white pilots are better” instead of beating around the bush.

I was reading yahoo comments earlier on and majority of sentiments are similar to what this guy is implying. Had the ET302 passengers been mostly white Americans, the outpouring of empathy and corporate response by Boeing would be 100% different.

Boeing better pray that another 737-8 max bird doesn’t fall from the skies (God forbid)

Absolutely another one will crash if they don’t change things drastically.

“Pilots repeatedly voiced safety concerns about the Boeing 737 Max 8 to federal authorities, with one captain calling the flight manual “inadequate and almost criminally insufficient” several months before Sunday’s Ethiopian Air crash that killed 157 people, an investigation by The Dallas Morning News found.

The disclosures found by The News reference problems during Boeing 737 Max 8 flights with an autopilot system, and they all occurred while trying to gain altitude during takeoff – many mentioned the plane turning nose down suddenly. While records show these flights occurred during October and November, the information about which airlines the pilots were flying for is redacted from the database.”

Black lives do not matter in this world my sister, we only got each other. Tragic.

That is what airbus said of the KQ abidjan air crash. The plane issued a false stall warning during takeoff and led to the pilots trying to save it and then it crashed. Airbus said that is was pilots error responding to a stall warning hehehe. Thats how KQ dumped them.

This ni ka excuse ya a black doctor and a white one… this profession hakuna cha race they should know that

Hakuna kitu ka ‘black lives matter’… get off the plantation mentality

I am in some group of aviators on facebook, the comments that were made when some of the experts started questioning
the safety of the 737 - MAX, - outright condescending and insulting
“tell me this when it happens in the first world with pilots who do not have 200hrs flight time only”,

“some of these third world pilots with basic pilot training are given a plane to fly after some orientation …” …

i was shocked

Sometimes it may be better to fly on mzungu airlines at least kitu ikifanyika, there’s a good chance watu wenu watakuwa compensated. Right now Boeing is doing everything within their power to further the ‘foreign pilot’ factor just to minimize settlements.

It is going to boil down to this, Sad, Can you imagine ET airlines has been in business from 1945, and the largest by fleet size in Africa,
halafu ile matusi inakuja in case of an accident…wah

Commercial pilots in the US are recruited from various fraternities of the Airforce. I’m not sure how many hours of flying is required of them before flying commercial planes.
I’d tend to think, a pilot who has acquired 8000hrs flying Boeing

or Airbus,


can,with minimum additional hours of training, can comfortably fly a Boeing B-52 Bomber.

. Same applies to military Air men who flies B-52, when transitioning to commercial flights.
What i ain’t sure though , is the time it will take ,fighter jet pilots


to transition to commercial flying.
The issue of African pilots not exposed doesn’t fly.

I asked you a question earlier in another thread coz I sensed this would end up in a blame game and passing the buck : Suppose that Boeing 737 had crashed say in Miami, with a ‘white pilot ’ would the Boeings 737 have been instantly grounded? I doubt : now it seems the incident has taken a racial bigotry angle with Boeing coming out venting at Third World countries’ pilots even before establishing the true cause of the crash.

There are 1000 reasons why Boeing or any other company would never admit liability. The same way your car insurer demands that you don’t admit it, and your lawyer advises that you never plead guilty.
Boeing could lose billions of dollars in lawsuits, some people could be jailed, more billions would be spent recalling the planes if the defect is structural rather than software, market share would be lost to Airbus and others etc. The US government isn’t ready to bail out an airline. They know that they fucked up, but you have to understand its not personal there is no way they will admit guilt. It is simply easier to shift the blame to pilots in the meantime, then make amendments to that model after the steam cools off under the radar. Boeing is a business, and that’s how most business people would react. Deny publicly but correct those errors privately so that more people dont lose their lives.

If the plane is defective, it just means all the 737 max 8 , out there are disasters waiting to happen.

That’s obvious. If it is a software issue, they will deny it but send tech nerds to fix every plane they have sold.

Remember that there’s a looooot of money in line…

So now we take a look at Drumpf’s 'pinion (he knows)


I said this…boeing wil throw their attack dogs to discredit every other issue apart from themselves, when everybody and their dog knows where the damn issue is. Racist cunts