Boeing 737

Another one dived into ocean minutes after taking off from Pontatiek airport

Watu wawache na hii Boeing 737 kabisa…whichever the series…wachana nayo

Kila Mara ni hao watu wa sijui Indonesia. Wanajulikana.

Hizi ndege hu undwa na watu wako high hata bj-50 has better safety checks just because of saving money corporate idiots transferred the factory from a state with trained unionized workers mpaka mukuru fulani where anything goes, and fired anybody who questioned the safety practices.

dont blame Boeing,when u buy a car it comes in worthy condition n its your duty to maintain it,when u fail and it becomes unroadworthy causing accidents dyu quickly rush to blame the car maker or your stingy self?

Have they already identified the accident cause?
Share the link where the link where they say the plane was not well maintained

Hiyo ujinga usipo achana nayo utakufa maskini mbaya

How is relations between you and your siblings? Did you finally come together? You need them

Thirimai naye amekukosea aje kababa?

Do i or Did I have problem with any of them?

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