so i recently started working out, and i tried doing squats (with proper form) and mahn, naona nikiwacha. i squat my bodyweight (60kg) times 10 and my legs shake and burn like hell, hii ni kawaida wadau?, also, it doesn’t matter whether i’m squating 10kg or 60kg or even without weights, my legs still shake and burn. after squatting for the first time ever yesterday my legs almost caved in walking down the stairs. today my legs have healed quite a bit, although punching my thighs with minimal force hurts abit. so guys, as a beginner, how many days should i squat, and is squatting own’s bodyweight safe for newbies? i tried squatting the same 60kg times 10 today and surprisingly it was alot easier than yesterday, burned more, but i felt my legs were stronger today, also they didn’t shake at all today. but they burn like hell, yo

Muscles tear and heal to grow…
Usually you will metamorphosise in the first week ukue kagiant after that you flat level for some time before you start picking up…
Uchungu inapungua after 7 days…
Bt learn to alternate the muscle groups when working out…
Ukianza na mkono na upper body the following day leg day… Third day take a rest…
After 3 weeks the pain itakuwa just some intense heat on the muscle groups for a few hours then inaisha

For the last two weeks i have been on a mission to developed some abs. Every day I have been doing 40 mins of intense exercise which include sit ups, rusian twist, leg kicks etc. Well, my stomach is firm and taking shape but I have lost weight such that I feel small when I look at my collegues. I think I will reduce to 3 days per week now.

Teach me your ways ooh master…40hours a day…mmkay.

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Reduce your weight them. If you legs are shaking when squatting, it’s just an indication of weak muscles, on your in thigh, slightly above the knee.
Develop that set, and you will be good to go.

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You’re going to hurt yourself and quit.

Try and get a trainer to advise you, if you cannot afford one, YouTube has a lot of good videos that can give you guidance for beginners. Also search on the internet on Men’s Health Magazine, they normally have good articles and tips for beginners like you.

You will need to train different groups of skills each day really. You legs are crying cause of non-working out for a long time really, then after like few days they should be good and you even can do bigger weight. Usually have like 2 days rest between different muscle group or at least a day.

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Inaonekana umelelewa kwa choo ya kukalia. Enda ocha choo ya shimo usquat kama ninja hizo miguu ziache kutetema

zili tetemeka the first day tu, second day there was no shaking at all.

thank you all for your feedback, they were greatly appreciated.

And always hydrate. Sometimes a deficiency of electrolytes leads to severe cramps

Pozi. Jenga mwili dadii

I think that in your situation the triple stack will be better. However, the most important thing is that you should choose the purest SARM. The shops are full of products that don’t contain sarm AT ALL! Or some of them have like 50% purity, which is pretty bad. Take care where you’re buying this stuff, because it may be not effective or, which is more serious, it can damage your health. I am using at my trainings substances found on , because one of my friends had some negative side effects, which is just awful

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Add exercises that are focused on hamstrings to your regimen. Also u can squat without weights then add them pole pole. Kama unaweza pata bike pia it helps build ur strength.