It is a sensitive topic to ask a man/woman the number of partners they have slept with. Hawa watu wa lanye yenu ni isolated case.:D:D

Kuna dem alinishow ati its a rule of thumb kuambia chali ati the only dudes washai mfanya ni mwenye alimvunja uvajo, mwenye alimwai mtoi (if its a single mum), na sasa Ex wa mwisho. So total 3 guys. Jamaa anafikiria ameangukia ka low mileage ana dive head first. Alinishow akiambia jamaa the true body count ataishi akiwa single.

If she was not a virgin when you got her, assume she was a lanye… and has had thousands of different dick into her hole… before you and will probably have many more after you marry her unless you chain her to yourself and go with her everywhere… in other words… it is meaningless… and truth will never be known and has no meaning… Okay, even of she is a virgin, once she tastes your dick, she will be open to taste many more when you marry her… WTH

Mi nilipeana hapa formula ya kujua the no of dudes a chick has fucked…

Here is the formular

N being the no of dudes given
3 being the exxageration coefficient
1 being the error coefficient

For instance if a chick tells you she has slept with 3 men only

Do the math

3×3+1 = 10

You will live peacefully knowing that she has slapped with 10+ dudes going up.

For women we multiply because women lie the no of men they have slept with.

For men its the other way round

If someone tells you amefuck 15 women

Do the math
15÷3-1= 4

For men we divide because they exaggerate the no of women they have slept with

Personally I give zero sheets about her body count, hio ni kiherehere sasa

And they don’t include one night stands in their body count

Some truth in this.

The only way a man can stop worrying about a woman’s body count ni yeye pia afuck as many ladies as possible (normal ladies only, lanyes excluded) na pia aoe a younger woman.

Otherwise it’s normal for a normal man to worry about a woman’s bodycount; her moral stand…like Diamond sang ukimwoa akitongozwa atajua kukataa au la. Also a lady’s loyalty (By the way) is determined by whether or not she can handle casual sex.

If she can only have sex through an emotional connection in a relationship then that man is very lucky.

But in this current whoring world you can’t know her bodycount, her history. It’s just trial and error. The chances of her cheating on you are quite high.

The only way to stop those worries na kutojinyonga ukipata unakuliwa bibi ni you also have your share of fun

@Nefertities nakumbuka alisema Chris Kirubi alimtomba akiwa 10 years

I don’t even know my body count sometimes I remember a chick nilikula nashtuka sikumbuki

My body count waay past 100. From bone rattling skinny bitches all the way to a momo who must have died from weight related issues.

You can’t fool us maybe highschool kids. Even lanye addicts here rarely clock 15 body counts. Hiyo ni chocha bro.

For men can be, N * 0.

:D:D:D:D:D:D peana hata coefficient ya error

Hakuna haja ya kuuliza dem amekuliwa na watu ngapi hyo ni kujiuwa peleka hyo kunguru hosi apimwe na mufanye urinalysis ndo ujue kama uta dive bila helmet or otherwise

urinalysis itakudanganya boss. enda mpimwe sti

Kama ni wa kuoa… He needs to use CD until after the window period ends after testing negative at the beginning and at the end… Dry fry is for married couples ( i know there is a chance that either can decide to hanya) but the natural need for procreation overrides the fear…

I went to four universities. Two of which are in Uganda. If I count whores alone I will be past 20! Capital pub in Kabalagala in museveni land was between my place and campus, while in Uganda I used to work and school. Nairobi I have a body count of lanyes way above 20! Rwanda, SA, Tanzania, Congo to name but a few. In one week in a place called kasese in western Uganda, I had over 10 different lanyes, come to what I’d call decent women, different workmates, at least 10, people I have employed over 10, acquaintances, many. Just go to a conference in say Kampala when you have cash. Go to speke hotel in town not munyonyo, they have a club next to the hotel, if you are loaded you can get 10 in a day!!! Try a pub in Sheraton, Kampala, whores of different colors. In Kenya try Nakuru, I think it’s a policy in Nakuru where they don’t say No! Go Coast, Casablanca, Casuarina in Mtwapa. I once spent three days in Likoni not very far from the ferry, I didn’t see daylight for three days but boy did I f**k.
When I tested negative I decided to hit the brake pedal since then I don’t think I have seen more than 5 pussies.

What you talking about? At twenty years or 35 years? At 35 years many addicts will be doing past 50…

Its a rare thing. When you have done 15 lanyes either you get an infection that will make you leave lanyes for life.