Body Count ya Malaya

Let’s do the calculation.

Assuming she sleeps with 3men per day times 7 = 21men per week x 4wks =84 men per month x 12mnths = 1008 men per year.

Alafu mtu akuje kusema u can marry a reformed prostitute… Peleka huko hio ujinga.

Mimi ni mwanaume na body count yangu prostitutes included haijafika 80

Am thinking about how to make more money today than yesterday, na wewe ni mambo za malaya.
Kweli we have different priorities in life!

sasa wewe

Kuna beste yangu anataka marry a reformed Poko and has the guts kuniweka kwa wedding committee WhatsApp group. Malaya mwenye hata mimi nishakula and he knows it. Life

80:eek::smiley: wacha nitulie na yangu kidogo

Poko ni kumwaga na kwenda zako, hizo mahesabu zote unafanya hazikusaidii sikio wala ndewe (Wadinya Veti 2017).




This should have come first in your thread

@Ice_Cube collect all Kunguru hafugiki threads tumia huyu jamaa arushie rafiki yake

rob Kardashian ame kua the latest in the statistics

Gimmi di Benz punany mek mi gwaan drive it out
All taxi pum-pum gwaan go cool out
Benz punany mek mi gwaan drive it out
All taxi pum-pum gwaan go cool out
50 man a rev-rev yuh body
Dat mean seh yuh pum-pum a taxi
Mi fi mek 51 but mi nuh want it
Mi a request di gyal wid benz punnany

…pesa ya kuenda kulipia expensive malaya(s) :smiley:

wivu wivu wivu ! tissue iko jinyonge nayo

for any woman 2 is 1 too many , the ideal woman should know only one man in her entire life, that’s how women were designed to be and for obvious reasons
but we all know that is not the case especially in recent times

You can marry a virgin today and two years down the line she could be having a count of 11
You could marry a lady today who has known 11 men and 2 years from now she still will be having a count of 11

among the two

who would make a better wife for you ?

Life is funny. I introduced my friend to an escort that I regularly banged and they married. They have two kids now. I don’t keep in touch with them so much nowadays though.

I would prefer a woman who knows all there is to know about sex. 2 or 3 exes. Marry a virgin at your own risk.

Hii mambo haina formula…

Though it’s very unlikely that you can safely cross a busy highway blindfolded

It hard fi get a benz punany in these days.