Body count heading to 100




Kitawaramba kitawaramba. Playing with fayaaaa fayaaaa

Just trying to put on a brave face but he knows he’s fucked.

The irony is that other so called “churches” and condenming this yet they “kill” Kenyans everyday in the name of the Lord.

There must be hundreds of victims kama alianza kitambo hivi.

Maybe the guy is a serial killer and religion was just the facade. Anyway, I admire his derangement.

He’s just a small pawn in a large cartel network dealing in organ harvesting, human and drug trafficking. Witchcraft and cultism are mere avenues for these nowadays.

Of course he’s a serial killer.

Hii death toll itasimamia na huko 150.

And given the ineptness of the police - imagine mpaka saa hii bado wanapata watu live na huko ndani, something that should have been done Day 1 - a similar namba watawachwa kwa hizo unmarked graves…

I’ve just been skimming past the headlines and until now I thought this “paul McKenzie” fella was a foreigner.
Kumbe ni mgiriama wa area? No point, just an observation.

By way, blaming the govt for this tragedy is just scapegoating.

Most of the blame goes to the victims themselves. They suspended their common sense, and nothing anybody could have done to stop them.

In fact some of the survivors are having to be forcefed through drips.

The other thing to consider is that the victims did not come from one area. Missing person reports were filed in different police stations.

Some of the victims even became perpetrators killing their fellow cultists.

I also don’t know that Kenyans appreciate how expansive a 800 acre shambas is. One acre is about 200 by 200 feet. That’s huge. No way anybody could know what’s going in there, especially since the land is prolly surrounded by other huge ranches.

I heard Kingi the former gavana blaming the local govt nikacheka. Weren’t his people the ones on the ground?

He was busy pilfering county money and fucking insta hoes.

I thought Nthenge is a kamba name?

Kwani hio kichaka hakuna hyenas, stray dogs?


Oh, my mistake then


800 acres sio kubwa sana. In nairobi, the area between Uhuru highway, kirinyaga rd, haile selasie rd and university way is about 400 acres. Infact Kenyatta University is 800 acres (it was 1000 acres but 200 were grabbed by kamae squatters).

Watu na dead bodies wana peleka kwa mackenzie. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

Acreage ya tao na ocha ni tofauti sana huezi compare nbo na huko kichakani

I think this thing may be deeper than just religion…maybe ni organ harvesting disguised as religion.