body and soul

there is this one day i was heading home from work via the market to buy some groceries. its was about 6pm and people were busy with there rush hour shopping while others were vending their goods just by the road just the usual stuff that happens in almost all towns .

the sun was setting on the horizon and the beautiful orange rays were shinnning on the town; the huge promotional banners, the street lights, the parked taxis, the trees around peoples faces… name them.

i dont know what comes to me whenever i see scene like this, because i usually freeze for a moment and watch the sun shinning as it sets down the horizon.
Then i start thinking about the difference between body and soul…

I stand on the side of the road where i clearly see the sun setting and my small town with the people going about their errands.

my eyes see the body while my mind sees the souls of people around… i question myself if they are happy, if they are sad, if the are hopeful about their wishes of the heart, if they have that fear of the unknown, …

I may want to know unaishi wapi, where the sun sets at 5 am.

can’t be 5 AM

I have the same . Mine is 6pm in the evening when the sun is setting. I smell the smell of soil tinted with wet dew settling on the grass.
I always have this feeling that I’ll die one day evening hours just before dusk . I always see my spirit leaving my body those evening hours and carried by the winds to unknown lands . Just before I vanish, I look back at that body and say "it’s been a while old friend."I dread that moment to be honest. What will I be doing with my life in the spirit world? I question myself. … … … !


Very confusing but interesting at the same time

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You will just be like a new born. Soul will be forever young. No memory of world suffering. No need to fear death. Its only hard for those left, not for the one departing

I also look at people and wonder what goes on in their minds.
Sometimes I watch someone eat and I say, “he’s/she’s a human being. she/he needs sustenance”.
One day, take a picture of your classmates. or of family. Look at it very keenly.
There will come a time that no one in that picture will be alive. Such is life…