Bodaboda Madness

In a span of two weeks nimeona three boda boda guys dead on the road. None of them was wearing a helmet.

Kwani hawa watu hawajipendi? On multiple occassions nimeona wengi sana wakibishana na magari on theka super highway at speeds of 100kph sometimes kama wamebeba two passengers na hakuna mwenye ako na helmet! Why though!?


Sasa huyu samaki na Bodaboda , relationship iko wapi jameni?

Mmoja alini rear end causing damages then akahepa,so any of them that dies nitakuwa nikikula ugali nyama.You said umeona watatu…okay

The bodaboda guy i saw was dead unnecessarily just like that fish died while in the water!

Manky in clothes = Africans

lack of formal education and general ignorance to common sense ya sub-saharan negros.

those guys are stupid in nature

Juzi usiku mwingine aliguzwa na mat akaanguka kwa lane ya mzae but aka ruka buda alipitia juu ya bike yake… The is idiot had the nerve to claim mzae ndio amemugonga ndio alipwe but luckily other motorists saw what happened.

There was a case where one guy was coming from embu i think to nairobi and the family never heard back from him for like a week…only to realise he never made it to nairobi that fatefull sunday…

nature has a way of punishing their rogue behaviour…mimi mahali si hukaushiana makei ni kwa footpath…

BOttom of the barrel
DAft indivuduals

I always ask myself why you never see accidents caused by ordinary bike owners or company motorcycles like G4S and other couriers. These bodaboda guys are a breed of their own.

Those guys are half-baked mammals!

Where the hell were you going with your dad and how old are you?

Dash cams are becoming cheaper and readily available. They can help sana juu wengi ni wale waongo

if your dad asks you to accompany him unakataa???

Bro, some of us have good relationships with our fathers… Henyway he called me kitu saa nne usiku to go pull his car because his car had suffered some damage badala alipe break down 7k.

hii ni swali ya aina gani lakini…?

In Lagos they were banned from highways because of the number of accidents involving them . Its about time the same was done here.

Pale kwa akina @madova M7 land boda are a real menace…like a plague.