Bobi Wine won the election

Uganda official vote count app

Weka summary…ghasia

So when is the swearing in?


It’s only preliminary but I honestly don’t think Wine stands a chance.

:smiley: ama ni inauguration?

The president of the people of Uganda will be sworn in ,the same day the president of Uganda will be sworn.


Museveni funds the election, appoints the referee, runs the elections, counts the votes and wins the election

Viva mseven that ghasia juu aliimba tuimbo kadhaa things that he can lead the pearl of Africa. Vijana hawana Kura wazee ndio kusema.
It will go same way for the thief who masquerade as a hustler giving youth wilbaro. 2022 haka kamwizi tutakafinya pale kwa Debe.
He will live to narrate how he saw dust. Umdhaniaye ndiye siye.